Friday, October 22, 1999

Pink Panther, Bangalore

G-7 Ramanashree
37, Lady
Curzon Road.
Phone 5592404.

This is the most unprepossessing place that I have sat down at for a mug in Bangalore. I was surprised that this small joint with just 3 tables could andÿ actually would go in for such heavy advertising. Unfortunately it was only at the end of my brief sojourn there that I realised that they had a much bigger place upstairs that had airconditioning. This, while I was sweating it out, in the sweltering Bangalore heat, out in the open.ÿ

They serve only draught beer. A mug is rs25, a pint is 50 and a pitcher is 125. This might sound ok, but they have a 11% sales tax, so be warned. The beer was chilled ok, but it was quite flat. If it wasn't for my being so thirsty, I think I wouldn't even have given it to my dog (who incidentally is named brandy). They said it was Kingfisher, but it was worse than horse piss. Truly. you can check up and get back to me if you don't take my word for it.

The food here is good though they do specialise in coming up with unusual combinations - sort of fusion food. There was no music, no TV, no entertainment at all.ÿ But then maybe my timing was all wrong for going there in the noon. Nothing much to recommend or comment about this place. Wonder what the pink panther would actually think about this place, which has absolutely no resemblance to his lovable quirky character.ÿ But if you are in this business district and can't go far in your lunch break and want a beer, thenÿ walk in, ask for a beer, hold your nose, and just gulp it down.


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