Tuesday, September 18, 2001

TGIF, Bangalore

1 Carlton Tower,
Airport Road.
Phone : 5210570 / 5210571
Timings : 11am - 11pm
Bob : 1.5

TGIF is one of the couple of new pubs that have opened recently in Bangalore. Decided to check it out, having had a reasonably good experience of the TGIF in Chicago and in Delhi.

D‚cor is the standard TGIF stuff, with the propeller and the dollar bill on it signed by all the employees present at the opening of the pub. The propeller in Bangalore had a dollar bill, a 100 rupee bill and another note that I could not identify (definitely not due to the alcoholic contents of my cocktails). The bell and other stuff was supposed to be around but couldn’t see it too well because of this red lighting that they had. There is a huge karaoke screen too for those who are enthu enuff to want to exhibit their vocal talent or those who are too drunk to bother about their lack of it.

BOB varies between 1 to 1.5 depending on which brand that you want to try. Be warned though, there is a steep import tax on foreign brands. TGIF’s has a wonderful array of cocktails just begging to be tried until you read the fine print and realise that at Rs300/- + 63% import tax + 10.5% sales tax, tulleho wouldn’t be reimbursing you the cost of even a single cocktail at its current rates.

The food is bad. Do not go here if you are feeling peckish/hungry, you would be better off grabbing a couple of rolls at Fanoos in Johnson market before you arrive. The chicken wings were spicier at the US outlets than in the Bangalore branch. Their food was blander than the stuff I have tasted at the Goa beach shacks, which cater to exclusively foreign clientele.

Crowd is varied. Quite a few westerners, a couple of high-flying, suited-booted executives winding down after a hard days work, a couple of rich spoilt brats gloriously unrecognisable in their holi ka gulaal, even saw a couple of school kids in their uniforms celebrating the end of exams (not too sure about what they were drinking though).

I ordered a desi pina colada (the 63% tax remember) and it was like a slush rather than a cocktail. They had put in some kind of dessicated coconut as an extremely poor substitute for coconut milk and my drink was 98% finely crushed ice. I guess they try to freeze the drinkers tongue to cover up for the lack of potency.

They had this huge sign saying “Try Dad’s original root beer” and a couple of other posters marketing its low calorie value. But all our requests for a dads root beer were turned down as not being available. Why advertise a drink if you don’t stock it ?

TGIF is supposedly open from 11 to 11. I do not think the afternoon break to serving alcohol applies to these guys. They have happy hours from 4 to 7 I guess, but am not too sre about this. Happy hours are on a 2 for one basis but not all drinks are available for this scheme.

My advice would be not to go to this place unless you have money to burn or have a friend or colleague who owes you a treat. Too damn expensive as a drinking joint in Bangalore where VFM (Value 4 money) is expected by most inhabitants.



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