Sunday, March 24, 2002

Windsor Pub, Bangalore

7 Kodava Samaj Building,
1st Main, Vasanthnagar
Ph : 2258847

The seating and ambience is like Tom's but homelier. (Maybe because of the smaller area, but you kind of get the feeling of being in the drawing room of a house shared by a few bachelors). The cashier doubles as the CJ (Casette Jockey). Music is close to Pecos in taste and a 5 star restaurant in volume. Audible but not ear-threatening. Chairs are for sitting, tables are for resting your glasses, plates and bottles.

A whole lot of MIT (as in Manipal not Massachusettes) alumni haunt this place. Total relaxed mood prevails, no false facades, no minimalistic outfits except of course the bermudas sported by most of the clientele. 4 of us shared a pitcher + 2 mugs of beer (they do not offer any other alcohol... like pecos) + 4 steaks + 2 desserts + 2 xtra orders of garlic bread + an iced tea. The bill came up to about Rs.750/- They have some excellent kerala style sea food dishes and the steaks here are great. A relaxed evening would involve getting out of your business casuals and into your lounging clothes and hawai chappals. Get on your 2 wheeled thunder and rip across to Windsor Pub. Do not forget to leave your cell phone at home. Have 2 beers while the highlights of the days match plays on the TV screen so close as to let you feel i'ts is your own private TV. Finish with a steak of your choice and garlic bread. Mmmm.... Heaven on earth.


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