Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Momoman, Ahmedabad

3 Advait Complex
Sandesh Press Road
Bodakdev - Vastrapur
92271 20120, 92278 50250

The non veg momos aren't bad. The spicy mutton and mutton + cheese aren't traditional, but still quite tasty. They are among our favourites.

The regular momos have a thicker skin than what you get in Delhi & North East India, so the fried versions are definitely better tasting, than the steamed ones.

Some of the noodle dishes aren't very good. They are made straight with common sauces out of a bottle. The dishes we have found rather decent are the Chilly Chicken for 200/- and the dragon chicken manchurian at 190/-.

Steamed chicken mince momos are 70/- for 5 pieces, but the fried version is much better, given the thick skin.

The street style thai chicken noodles are extremely average and at 200/-, its much more expensive than what you would pay at a roadside cart.

If you are looking for street style Chinese with a decent seating option, then you will be happy with momoman. This is not the place to go for an authentic Chinese experience.

Rating :  3 / 5


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