Sunday, July 29, 2001

Zapp, Bangalore

Below Purple Haze
Residency Road

Remember the discoesque thing that Purple Haze had opened on its first floor called Funky Town ??? Well its been given a makeover and is called "Zapp" in its new avataar. Going by the success of all the retro nites in this pub city, the owners decided that this pub would only play retro stuff. Music is ultra cool for all the yuppies who no longer can understand the stuff played in pubs on "regular" days. Total jiveable, danceable numbers. They do not yet have a video collection as good as Purple Haze itself, but u can c the beginnings of it. They play the videos of whatever song is playing. See the similarity with Purple Haze as opposed to Urban Edge where he plays anything and passes it off for music while "Tom & Jerry" cavort on the big screen.The DJ is accomodating with requests but not about playing after 11:00PM.

Seating is warm and cozy. As the volume isn't ear-drum blasting it is possible to carry on a conversation with some effort (that is if you aren't jiving away on the floor). They have these little cabins along the wall and tables down the center. The dance floor is 70's style with lights on the floor that throw their beams upwards. Food is decent : we had some chicken tikkas and some other stuff. MOB is Rs80/- BOB depends on the brand. Cocktails were 150 onwards. The coconut daiquiri was good, the pina colada a little too sweet but ok. This pub opened on the 27th of July and hasn't really promoted itself too well, so it is relatively undiscovered. Give it a couple of weeks and it will evolve into a hipper Catholic Club without the price discounts on alcohol.


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