Thursday, September 10, 2015

Yelp Meats Potbelly

Westfield Stratford City
London E20 1EJ
01707 291607

What a fun meet up. It's always great to meet yelpers - everyone is passionate about food and you never have to feel bad about helping yourself to a second or third round of something you liked.

The food, the people and the conversations are all great fun, so what's not to like?

Today's event allowed us to choose our own sandwich, a side and a drink. We were then served up some cookies and milkshakes which were really good.

I've enjoyed their sandwiches in the U.S. And wasn't even aware that they had opened up here in London.

I had the buffalo wings sandwich - the chicken was roast sliced chicken with hot sauce and blue cheese - but what great quality tender juicy chicken slices!

The multigrain bread was soft and tender and even after toasting, there were no overly crispy or overly chewy bits.

They have a huge variety of packaged crisps / pretzels / popcorn as sides and a huge fridge full of drinks - from regular and diet coke to juicy water, ice tea and even root beer.

The root beer was good, but if you want a drink, definitely don't miss their shakes. I'm normally not a fan of peanuts and chocolate combinations. No snickers or peanut m&m's for me. But their peanut butter + chocolate shake is amazing!

The freshly baked cookies were really good too. Chewy in the centre and crispy on the sides. These may just replace "Marks & Spencer's All Butter Belgian Chocolate Cookies" as my favourite chocolate cookies...

Since it was a yelp meet, we got to interact with Mr Khan the manager / franchise owner too and he was a wealth of information. He said that they normally had live music playing in the afternoons which is an integral part of the American potbelly's. Their meat and vegetable suppliers are the best in the business and they are held to much higher quality standards than even the UK version of FDA requires.

The staff was friendly and it had more of the vibe of a familiar neighbourhood deli, rather than a soulless chain of sandwich shops (I'm not naming any names here )

I loved the peanut butter chocolate shake so much, I wanted to take one away, after shopping at the mall, but they had closed down by then (9pm)

This was shorter than most yelp meet-ups, but it was a fun and enjoyable evening.

Rating : 5 / 5


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