Monday, November 19, 2012

Eat At Lucknow, Lucknow

Eat At Lucknow
Chowdhury Charan Singh Airport

Eat at Lucknow is the only sit-down option at the new airport terminal. Smartly, while it has a common kitchen, it has entrances on both sides, separated by a divider, so that visitors to the airport and travellers who have checked in, can both partake of their offerings. However, since the eatery is located before security check, travellers do need to keep their eyes on the clock.

The menu has about 30 items. Breakfast options being bread omlette with a complimentary chai, parathas, puris and dosas. They have a range of sandwiches for the day, in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Meals include some standard North Indian/Punjabi gravies and rotis/rice.

After the 2 hour drive from Kanpur and a looming 4.5 hour flight to Ahmedabad on Jet Connect (no hot meals provided), we stepped in for a quick bite. They promised to provide quick service, so we ordered a bread omlette 106/-, chicken tikka 207/- (I'd been on a vegetarian diet for a week) and  cappucino 69/- and seated ourselves.

The eatery was clean enough and tables were being wiped frequently during the steady stream of customers who mostly took away a hot drink.

The bread omlette had a chai bundled with it in the menu. While ordering, my husband had asked if it could be swapped with a cappucino and they said it couldn't. So he told them to skip the chai and just bill us for the cappucino.

It took about 10 minutes for the bread omlette to arrive and the server brought us the chai too and when my husband said he didn't want it, he was quite upset
"iske saath mein aata hain saab, aap pi lijiye"
"nahin chahiye bhai, humne coffee mangaya hain"
"par saab, yeh aapke order ke saath aata hain, aapne iska paisa diya hain"
"toh aap pilijiye bhai, hume nahin chahiye"
I'm sure he must be still retelling the story of the mad couple who pays for food that they have no intention of consuming.

While the cappucino wasn't bad, the omlette and chicken was undercooked. The omlette was pale yellow with no browning at all and the chicken was raw in the center. The chicken was also a little salty for me, but then I also find most food in UP, on the saltier side.

Service was average, but the food we ordered wasn't good. Maybe we should have stuck to sandwiches or something. The dosas that were going out to neighbouring tables looked quite good too.

Prices are average for an airport eatery. Prices mentioned above then have 12.36% ST and 14%VAT tagged on before final billing.

Its an ok option to grab a cup of coffee/tea before a flight. But you'd be better off eating something at home or waiting to arrive at your destination to have a meal.


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