Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Hunt Bar, Nagpur

The Hunt Bar
Hotel Tuli International

I must confess that this only bar that I was taken to in Nagpur was a huge eye opener for me. Comfortably cushioned chairs with enough space to curl up on your individual chair (after those little itsy bitsy pieces that pass off for chairs in Bangalore's pubs) . Muted lighting that was neither harsh on the eyes nor forced your pupils to alternatively contract/dilate because of the ever changing intensity. Well airconditioned. Muted hindi ghazals (the crowning factor) wooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh what an experience!!

Drinking in Nagpur is quite reasonable so I'm guessing prices aren't too high. One thing nice about being a woman is that friends (male) you are meeting for the first time offer to buy you drinks. (this doesn't last too long though when they realise the quantity they are going to have to pay for ).

So I wasn't allowed to look at the menu. Complimentary nuts and chips were provided with bowls being constantly refilled. The setting was meant for Rum&Cokes so didn't even venture to try the cocktails. Crowd was sparse, so lots of breathing room. The few executives venturing to do business in Nagpur normally find themselves here at the end of an evening. Be prepared to see a couple of firangs around.

Service was non intrusive and pleasant


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