Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Lafayette Brewing House, Purdue

Well as soon as I set foot in the University town of Purdue, Indiana, my friend took me straight to the Lafayette Brewing House popular to all students as the "Brew Club". Now this place serves beer beer and only Beer. Never being much of a beer drinker myself, I let my friend order, because I couldn't even pronounce the names of the varieties they had, forget figuring out which one would taste better.

The beer is each of a varying percentage of alcohol, a different color, a different taste. Anyway I was happy to let my friend do the ordering. We tasted around 3 varieties of beer, they were ok, but for me nothing can beat a chilled UB Lager. All the beer here is supposedly freshly brewed but since we were sitting in corner, I couldn't really tell.

The nice thing about bars here is that they have a smoking and a non-smoking area. Of course the student crowd is in the smoking zone, so there's more "happenning" out there.

This place is called the beer club becos of a cute funda that they have. A student can pay $3 and have his name engraved on a mug. You aren't allowed to take the mug home, but each time you come back here you can drink from your "own" mug. Gives a kind of elitist feeling to the regulars. They have a very informal atmosphere out here to cater to the student crowd. With singing and dancing whenever they feel like it. Music is whatever is requested, if they have the CD. You can play your own CDs too. A cool place where you can really do your own thing.


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