Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Ten Downing Street, Pune

Gheera Plaza
Bob : 1

TDS is one of the older pubs in Pune and among the hapenning crowd, a visit to TDS is mandatory on an evening out (which is almost daily) even if it just for 15 minutes. They have some kind of an entry fee on weekends which was waived because of the excellent company I was with.

BOB is a little more than 1. They have some excellent cocktails out here. The bartender will also oblige with special requests for regulars. A couple of items are not mentioned on the menu but are prepared specially on request, like the vaquilas (vodka+tequila shot.)

The B52 that is priced around Rs220/- is excellent here. Don’t leave without trying this one. It is a layer of Irish Baileys, a layer of Kahlua, and a layer of Cointreau. This shot is then set afire and a straw is provided. The trick is to drink it before your straw melts. The sensations that it sets off in your throat as it goes down continues till it reaches the stomach and the after effect believe me is extremely pleasant. Cocktails are priced between Rs150/- and Rs.220/- Snacks are decent.

I heard they had some kind of dance floor one floor above, but someone who had already checked it out told us they were playing hindi numbers which we weren’t in the mood for on this day, so decided to skip it. The music was by Public Demand. The DJ woud play whatever numbers were requested of him, if he had it and he seemed to have a more than decent collection.

Oh, this piece wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning the ladies loo. I was quite taken aback when I saw that ladies had to ascend a couple of steps inside the loo to reach the WC, kind of gives you perspective on why its sometimes called the throne.

Most Puneites prefer to have at least one drink at TDS before proceeding to the newer and more happenning places in town. Since the d‚cor is warm and comfy, lighting not too dim and music at an almost conversable volume, I can see why.



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