Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Jazz Garden, Pune

Koregaon Park
Bob : 1.25

The Jazz garden is set in a cluster of restaurants serving cuisines of different countries. (catering mainly to the foreigners who frequent the Osho ashram) What sets it apart is its open air setting.

There was a huge stage on which the 3 piece band looked woefully small. They were playing 60’s music and we could recognise a couple of the numbers. Non-recognition of other numbers was not due to our ignorance of 60’s music. I believe they have different bands every time. Something of a talent search I guess. Hope you have better luck with them.

BOB is about 1.25 depending on which brand you would prefer. Some of the coctails were decent but the coconut milk in my pina colada defnitely passed through a dehydration process on its journey from its originating coconut to my glass. I also felt that the alcohol content in my dessert of Crepes with chocolate rum sauce was higher than that in the Pina Colada.

The head waiter was more than helpful although service was a little slow. The fresh air was invigorating with warm liquids inside us. A beautiful setting for evening drinking in the summers.

You do get a lot of firang crowd because of the proximity of the ashram, also a lot of students from the various institutes springing up in and around Pune. It’s a student puller because of the informality of the place. Jeans is almost de-rigeur other than the maroon outfits.

Worth a try if you are the type who feels claustrophobic with all the tobacco fumes in regular pubs or are in the mood for some fresh air after a long day at office.


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