Saturday, June 30, 2001

Opium, Bangalore

Carlton Towers
Behind TGIF
Airport Road

Ok, that Behind TGIF, is soon going to change to "TGIF is in the same complex as Opium u know". Yes Opium is opening on the 4th of July and I think the owner has something going here. There's some connection with the ownership of Purple Haze out here.

Opium is built on the lines of the Lounge Bars that have been gaining popularity in Mumbai. They have these sofas and really comfortable seating areas on one side. Chairs in the middle, and a huge bar at the other end. The lighting and paintings are supposed to represent dawn to dusk, so the sofa area is well lit up and this gradually darkens down till you reach the bar. The floor has these little lights in between. Kind of silvery walls. I felt it had a quality of understated chic and elegance.

The first thing u see as you enter is the DJ console located just at the entrance but way above it. Constant scrutiny still didn't help me identify how he ever got into that little way-up section -- there didn't seem to be a particular entry/exit point to get into that console. Final analysis: he uses a ladder to climb into that cubby hole of his, and then the ladder is taken away so he remains out-of-bounds for the rest of the evening.

This same guy is opening an open air restaurant next to Opium and an Indian restaurant next to that, so we were kind of sampling everything. If you ever go here, do have their Chocolate Mousse its better than anything i've tasted anywhere. As we were not shown a menu card, I am not too sure of the rates. But he said they would be commensurate with those of Sparks, Urban Edge and Mars 2211.

Music was decent and played at a reasonable decibel level. Try their chinese crispy fried vegetables. Their cocktails are also good. Well blended. Definitely worth a try.

Later changed my opinion, their food isnt good at all. Its this night n day kind of decor. N they no longer put in as much rum in the mousse as they did on the first day. "People Complained" or so they say

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Cosmo Village, Bangalore

Midway between Shoppers Stop and Brigade Road.

Nice quiet joint. In the early days (2-3 years back) they used to have these really comfy sofas where you could put your feet up (literally), sample some fusion cuisine and enjoy your drink. The low lit, no music blasting kind of place.

Although Cosmo has gone in for 3 new looks for its 3 floors, the music is still at a pleasant decibel level, the waiters still courteous. and the ambience is still something out of a 60's Hollywood flick. At least at the terrace level.

The terrace level is something like the 180 Proof garden in a way. With individual sofas and an eclectic yet comfy feel about it. Of the other 2 levels, one reminded me of the 180 ft restaurant in Indiranagar. The other was comfy sofas in an air conditioned room. The terrace level's my favourite because of the added open air advantage.

Drinks are about a 100 bucks a peg. CD's are 20-25 bucks extra. Snacks are in the 100-250 range. They serve good dinner too. So if you want to make a meal of Khau Sway or a similar single dish meal after you are done with the liquid refreshments, then this is a nice place to go to.

Ideal for a casual, open yet intimate kind of evening.

Saturday, June 16, 2001

Downtown, Bangalore

41/42 Residency Plaza
Residency Road
Ph : 5582050
Timings: 11 A.M to 11 P.M
Happy hours: 11 A.M-6 P.M (50% off)
Bob : 0.8

I guess I will always be a little senti about this pub because this was the first pub that I had seen the insides of around 6 years back. I loved the music then and I love the music now.ÿ

BOB is 0.8. A mug is rs35, a pint 70 and a Pitcher is 175.ÿ Cocktails are in the range of 90 to 200. Their Pinaÿ Colada is one of the better ones that I have tasted in Bangalore ( Bangaloreans seem to prefer beer and all other drinks at most pubs seem sub-standard).ÿ

The music is slow and hard-rock and generally the danceable kind.ÿ Not the techno stuff where all you do is shake like an electric current is being passed through you. Eagles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Ricky Martin .... .ÿ

The interiors are quiet. If you want to seat a big group, there are these huge seating areas where you can still feel that you are on the same table (even without the influence of the liquid you have come seeking).ÿ Idealÿ setting for having a party when you have a lot of friends.ÿ

The only problem is the crowd. Although they do have a small dance floor (a rarity in Bangalore) you wouldn't really feel like dancing with the kind of crowd on the floor. Seems that most of my kind of people prefer to dance to techno (or at least pretend to), so the kind of people at a place that plays my kind of music is not my kind at all. A catch-22 situation for sure.

Well my problems are not yours, so if you like a littleÿ "old fashioned" music and want to shake a leg and don't mind your floor-mates (as in dance floor) then this is the ideal place to be.


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