Sunday, May 07, 2006

Interview with Usha Prabhakaran ~ author of Ushas Pickle digest.

Usha Prabhakaran is an amazing woman. She has just written a recipe book of Pickles. Since she could not find a publisher for her effort, she has self published. To learn more about her & some "quick n easy" recipes that she doles out in her interview.

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The lady who has interviewed Usha is Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. Time Out Mumbai readers would be familiar with her work.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Naturals Ice Cream, Mumbai

Naturals Ice Cream
All over Bombay & Pune.
Original Outlet at Juhu

13th North South Road
Opp Lotus Eye Hospital
Juhu Scheme
Mumbai 400049
2620 6053, 2670 7558, 3097 7272

At 25 bucks a scoop (26/- in Pune) this ice cream is a real steal & can't classify as an indulgence on the price factor, although it is on the taste factor.

Creamy ice creams which combine Indian kulfi with natural flavours with fruit pieces in them are absolutely amazing. On a scale of 10, Natural ice cream rates 15.

Some ice creams are available around the year. Like the chocolate almond, choco cream, french vanilla, mango, coffee walnut, badam, kesar pista, anjeer.... Some like the chickoo, seetaphal, papaya - pineapple, tender coconut & water melon are seasonal. But they all are priced at the same amount. In season, you can even opt for fresh mango or strawberry pieces served with malai ice cream for 65/- At the Juhu outlet, they will even convert your ice cream to a milkshake for 65/-

If you can't make up your mind in this range of flavors, go for a double scoop.

They offer free home delivery & you can even opt for the 1/2 kg tubs at 135/- each. If you give them a day's notice they even organise a thermocol box to carry your ice cream on a long journey or picnic.

Naturals ice cream actually spoils you for taste, that no other ice cream can match up. Baskin Robbins seems too sweet & most local brands seem too watery.

Some outlets offer a waffle cone for 3-5 bucks extra. With over 15 outlets across the city & a price point of Rs.25/- only, you have no excuse not to try Naturals Ice Cream.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Brio, The Cafe Bistro

Brio, The Cafe Bistro
Behind Shoppers Stop
Dynamix Mall
Near Chandan Cinema

Brio opened its doors about 2 weeks ago. It looks really fancy from the outside & you could be easily mistaken into thinking that this was an expensive joint and walking away.

For me, the craving for a coffee before visiting my favourite haunt (Crossword) was too strong to give it the go by & hence I entered and was pleasantly suprised by everything.

The decor is very modern and looks like a bakery set in the "Library Bar" if you get what I mean. 2 hostesses in uniform greet you at the door & ask your preference to be seated. There are some bar stools at the side and also proper sit down tables. Overall seating must be about 25-30.

The waiters all have smart uniforms with little half aprons and red french caps perched at an angle. Unfortunately smart looks don't translate into smart service as yet. The service is slow, especially if you order a frappe of other chilled drink, since there is only 1 person to handle all the drink orders. Coffees are priced similar to Barrista. You have the range from 30 to 100. The higher priced ones being a blend of coffees including the Brazilian variety. The Choco Caramel Freeze was priced at 65/-

Their Pepperoni pizza at 195/- was really yum & a strong competitior to Dominoes pepperoni. Brio's pepperoni slices are thicker & hence more flavorful. Their pizzas are all thin crust and they are served in under 10 minutes.

Salads are in the 70/- range. Their serving size is ample. The crepes come in a variety of fillings including savoury like spicy chicken paprica or corn & cheese and sweet like chocolate. They aren't always available though. The oven roasted veg focassia (85) seemed like a good option for the diet conscious.

They stock a variety of pastries too. There are 3 different types of brownies & a range of mousse, cheesecake & other pastries.

You can stop here for a snack or a meal. They sell various types of bread too. No home delivery yet.

Be aware that Vat of 12.5% is added over the prices listed in the menu.


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