Saturday, August 28, 2004

Smokin' Joes, Hyderabad

5563 4442, 5563 4443
No Pork

Yummy, yummy, yummy.

The best pizzas that are home delivered. Pizza hut is best for in-house, but for home delivery nothing to beat smokin joes.

Try the Chicken bonanza, napolitana, mexicana and the smokin joes special. These r my favourites.

7" - rs80-135
10" - 120 - 200
12" - 160 -280
they also offer 4 non veg 6" for 240 and 4 veg 6" for 190
U can get special bases like thin crusts and whole wheat at no extra charge. Total VFM.

The cheese and sauce base is juicy and makes the pizza that much tastier. Toppings are really generous. Most pizza places have the sum total of your toppings as x, so whther u have 3 or 10 toppings on your pizza, the total toppings will be x, whereas with smokin' joes, u actually get x*no. of toppings. so that makes for a loaded pizza.

they have stuffed crusts too. My advice would be avoid the stuffed crusts, It turns the crust hard at the sides and since yr base gets turned inwards, it lessens surface area of the base and hence toppings get decreased in this scenario.

Their chilli corn cheese toast is cheesy n yummy. Heard good reports of the pasta but havent tried it yet, nor the dessert.

Good treat, on the days u dont wanna cook n just order in or u just have to have something cheesy. For hyderabad, this is the best dose of cheese u can get after the shepherds pie at TDS.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Lautre, Hyderabad

Life Style Building
Bob : 0.75

Decided to assemble at Lautre before hitting 10 Downing where it sometimes gets too crowded to locate your friends. Didn’t stay here too long so can just about list the pros and cons :

Pros :
Excellent food. The oriental prawns are amazing for their size and the price. Music is soft rock sometimes graduating to hard rock. It isn't crowded.

Cons :
It has no crowd !!!
The seating is like a mess hall with better seats and dimmed lights.
The tables are soooo HUGE.

So this is what I surmised. Well, I mentioned before, we didn’t spend too much time here... Actually the poor owner just can't seem to strike the right balance. He seems confused as to whether he wants to serve gourmet food, have a relaxed lounge or a rocking pub. If he improves the lighting a bit, I think this place could become one of the best lounges around in the true sense of the word. A place you can relax with good food in your tracks or sweats.

Getting to the rates, they are quite reasonably priced. But after partying in Delhi, the whole of Hyderabad seems reasonably priced. BOB is 75 to 120 depending on the brand. Rum is 65 for Old Monk and 75 for Bacardi 30ml. The cocktails range from 175 to 250. Food is very reasonably priced. They serve an afternoon buffet for 150/- which also doesn’t have too many takers. But it's better to order a la carte than try the buffet which is not always excellent or so I heard.


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