Monday, February 21, 2000

Toms, Bangalore

opp. Johnson Market,
ΓΏ Richmond Town,
1/5 Hosur Road, Ashok Nagar.
Ph: 5361175

Tom's is a favourite haunt of the Anglo-Indian ladies who come in here for early lunch and gossip almost everyday. But the only reason I would go back to Tom's is because it is the only place in Bangalore that I know of that has Christian Brothers on its menu. How the rest of the pubs can keep this king of rums off their menu list while pushing Old Monk and Bacardi is beyond me.

Other than this and its prices, Tom's doesn't have much to recommend it. Bob index is around 0.6 Drinks are all reasonable - between rs30 and 60. This is a place you can go to if you want to drink, drink, drink.

It's an ordinary restaurant. No cocktails. No Mocktails. Just hard liquor. No music either. So if you are inclined to drink in silence or listen to long winded friends when drinking, you would like this place.

Tom's has no ambience to speak of at all. Seating is reminiscent of a typical hostel mess. Stiff chairs and tables arranged in not so straight lines. No music. Not much crowd while I was there. To describe it in a word: Tom's is colorless.

Some of the food is decent. The fish fry, (45/-) if it is fresh, is worth a try. They managed to ruin the sannas (a manglorean type of idli prepared with rice instead of rava) which is like ruining rice or boiled water. The chicken dishes were passable. I've heard their steaks are good. But steaks aren't what you want to eat after a good drink. The tastes aren't complementary. Maybe I'll go back to taste the steaks some day.


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