Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pizza Hut, Ahmedabad

Alpha One Mall in Ahmedabad does not have too many options for Non Vegetarians like me. There is either KFC or Pizza Hut The entire Food Court is pure Vegetarian - a fact that the carnivore in me, still needs to come to terms with.

After our sojourn in Egypt, Fast Food isn't very exciting as an option for us, but we did not have any other option. Since we had, had a reasonably good experience at the Pizza Hut in Guwahati, we walked in for lunch.

Given the 40C temperature outside, we immediately ordered a Mojito Blast (85/-)  and a Masala Lemonade (69/-). Contrary to our previous Pizza Hut experience, these drinks weren't synthetic tasting and were quite refreshing.

For starters, we called for the Jamaican Jerk Chicken skewers (115/-) and the Fish & Wedges (195/-) The batter fried boneless fish fingers were extremely tasty and the dips accompanying them both were excellent in taste and texture.

We then asked for a medium Chicken Supreme - Pan Pizza (435/-) and since I've been experiencing pork withdrawal symptoms since we moved here 25 days ago, I asked for extra pepperoni (40/-) on top. Pizza Hut makes excellent Pan Pizzas, but these have to be eaten instore, sadly they lose their light pillow-like fluffy interiors and crispy exteriors the minute they are enclosed in the cardboard delivery box.

To celebrate their 15 years of presence in India, Pizza Hut has launched a whole range of Indian themed pizzas which include a sev puri pizza and a chicken chaat pizza, both come topped with haldiram bhujiya. Most of them also have capsicums as one of the toppings. I need to be in an experimentative mood to try the chickne chaat pizza. Maybe on our next visit.

Service was polite and courteous.

They often have problems with their air conditioning at this outlet, so make sure you check for your comfort before you sit down and get settled.

Service Tax of 10%, VAT @ 12.5% and an additional tax of 2.5% were added to the bill. I'm assuming the additional 2.5% tax is the increased sevice tax in effect from today.

Until more restaurants open up at Alpha One Mall, this is the place we will be eating at on each visit.

Rating : 3.5 / 5


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