Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gulati Restaurant, Delhi

Gulati Restaurant
6 Pandara Road Market
Ph: 2338 8836, 2378 2949

One of the many restaurants which have made Pandara Road Market, the "Go-To" place for Punjabi Food.

Generic interiors which could suit any kind of Indian cuisine. The place was buzzing at lunch time and all tables were taken. Their 349Rs buffet seemed to be a great hit given the number of people inside and queuing up at the bufet.

There was the usual assortment of salads with raitas, pickles and papad as starters. A choice of Vegetarian or Non vegetarian soup. Aampanna and lassi were part of the buffet. The main course had a fairly wide spread. The food was very tasty, even though it was a buffet. Some of the best aloo jeera I have eaten in a long time. Butter chicken and Rogan Josh faced tough competition from the vegetarian dishes even for a die-hard meat eater like me.

Indian breads/rotis were being served fresh, but because of the rush, the service of rotis could not keep up. The disaster occurred when I tried to get to the desserts. There was a large bunch of people who were either from college or a call center and one girl took it upon herself to serve all the desserts to all the 20+ members of her team and completely monopolised the dessert stand leaving no room for any of the other diner. Add to this the second helpings that her team mates wanted. A lot of diners like me who were in a hurry, left without a sweet finish. Which may be a good thing for my waist line in the long run :)

They do have an a la carte option even during lunch time. And people who had taken that option seemed to be having slightly faster service.

My Fresh Lime Soda was 60Rs. VAT was added to my bill, but no Service Charge. Cost for one person 480Rs.

Ambience: 7
Service 7.5
Food 8.5


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