Friday, August 19, 2011

Dilli Streat, Delhi

Dilli Streat,
Delhi Airport - T3

Accessible almost immediately after security check, the food here at Dilli Streat belies all unfavourable generalisations about airport food.

On the days that we are truly hungry, we often eschew the comfort of the airline lounges to satisfy our hunger at Dilli Streat.

While they do offer, sandwiches and bakery kind of items, what really stands out is their South Indian and paratha counters for breakfast, especially when you have to check in by 6am for an 8am flight.

Plain dosas are 110/-, masala dosas are 130/- (not as crisp as I like my dosas, but very tasty never-the-less), Idli sambhar is 90/- Sometimes if you are really early, the dosa guy may not be around, but idlis are available no matter how early you turn up and they really hit the spot in the morning.

Egg parathas at 170/- are so filling, that you may not even be able to consider lunch, once you eat your way through. Aloo parathas come 2 to a plate and 1 plate is enough for 2 people.

Plenty of liquid refreshments on offer too. Fresh Mango lassi/badam milk for 120/-, lipton lemon ice tea 50/- and the regular soft drinks and water too.

They do offer some alcoholic beverages too now, but I haven't checked the prices out. Plenty of non veg lebabs and rolls on the menu too.

This is a good place to grab a bite if you are hungry before catching your flight. Just remember to leave enough time to walk up to your gate post-meal.

NB: Prices are inclusive of taxes


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