Friday, May 12, 2017

Shoryu Go, London

Shoryu Go
19 Air Street
London W1B 5AG

The first time I went to Shoryu Go, it was because this is the only ramen "specialised" outlet that packed it as takeaway.

I'd ordered 4 ramens and some buns, but when I got home I realised that one of the ramens hadn't been packed. I called them and they said that unfortunately, I would have to come back to the store either to get the money returned on my card or to pick up a fresh ramen to replace the one that had got left out. I told them I would only be back in the area after a week and they said that would not be a problem.

When I returned after a week the manager refunded the money on my card AND offered me a complimentary ramen for the trouble. Which I unfortunately had to decline as I had a lunch appointment elsewhere and couldn't be carrying a takeaway bag to the other places on my agenda.

Yesterday, we wanted a quick snack before heading to the Haymarket Theatre and I immediately thought of their buns. Since it was early and Shoryu Go is a small place (They have a few canteen style seats - about 10) and it was on our way, I hoped for quick service and yummy food.

We just focussed on the gyoza and the buns. The pork gyoza (£7 - 6 pieces) are much better than the chicken gyoza (£7 - 6 pieces) IMHO and if you have them to eat in, they fry them in a pan so they get all joined together in a very pretty lacy design.

Their buns (£4.50 per piece) are absolutely amazing. We tried the chicken karaage, pork belly and salmon tempura and I'm hard pressed to decide which was my favourite.

Loved the yuzu drink (£3.50) too, a nice change from regular lemonade.

Shoryu doesn't offer my favourite Ramen in London, that honour goes to Kanada-Ya and Bone Daddies, but they are very good and they offer takeaway (only at this outlet)

There are some offers that discount your bill if you order particular combinations or based on the days of the week, so do see what the offer of the day is.

Rating : 4 / 5

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Flour Station Bakery, London

The Flour Station Bakery
91 North Yard
London NW1 8AH
020 8457 2098

The Flour Station Bakery has an industrial interior and serves up baked goods and cold meats. Cold meats and drinks come from their curated suppliers.

I was in the area for the Camden cheese festival this weekend and wanted to pick up some breads to accompany the multiple cheeses I had bought.

Their English muffins (£1 each) were ok. The jalapeño corn bread(£1.50 each) was good, but I had to fry them in a pan to get a crisper crust, like I prefer. The sticky toffee buns(£2.40 each)are very similar in flavour to cinnabon, but with less sugar, so it's a great way to enjoy the pecan toffee cinnamon bread combination. The brownies (£2.50 each) however were the crowning glory. Absolutely decadently satisfying.

They advertise their scones as the best, but there weren't any left by the time I got there.

I tried the locally made ginger beer from Hackney by Square Root London,  and it was lovely.

I'd go back, but for the sweet stuff rather than the breads.

Rating : 3 / 5

Rapha Cycle Club, London

Rapha Cycle Club
85 Brewer Street
London W1F 9ZN
Phone number 020 7494 9831

It's a coffee shop inside a cycle store. The cycle store is amazing if you are a cyclist, but my only self propelled motion activity is walking, so I have to confess I haven't paid too much attention to the store itself.

I've only ever picked up takeaway coffee from them and the coffee is worth a little detour when you are in the Piccadilly Circus area.

They do have seating space with large tables and I've always seen people working on their laptops or having quick meetings here. So it's a nice quiet space to get some work done too with awesome coffee on the side.

They offer some basic snacks and lunch options too. But that coffee is 5* and what keeps bringing me back. The staff is pretty awesome too.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chozen Noodle, London

Chozen Noodle
141 Praed Street
London W2 1RL

Wanted something light as a takeaway at the end of a superhot day.

There didn't seem to be any other Chinese places around Paddington, so requested the husband to pick up a takeaway from Chozen on his way home.

The chicken gyoza (1.95 for 3 pieces) was very very good and we also loved the duck spring rolls (2.15 - 3 small rolls). The sushi is the best that I have tasted in this neighbourhood. (Medium Chozen box - 5 maki & 5 nigiri - 7.15)

I'm not crazy about Udon, so I'm not surprised that I didn't like the Chicken Dumpling Udon (3.45) too much. The chicken Thai green curry (6.95) had pineapple in it which was unusual, but not unpleasant. Actually the curry and rice was a great meal with some spicy chilli paste from my collection of sauces at home.

Very fast service and husband said they were clean. I'll have to step into the location myself when I next walk past.

Remember the rolls & Gyoza are best eaten hot, they lose all texture if you let them stand for too long.

Rating : 3.75 / 5

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cremagelato, Munich, Germany

Notburgastr. 4
Munich 80639

Phone number +49 89 1785685

So glad we found this little gelateria at the end of a long and tiring day at the Nymphenburg Palace. Great prices despite being bang in the Center of the tourist area and lovely creamy gelato!

After sampling a few options. I had a double scoop and he had a sundae, both of which were welcomingly delicious at the end of a hot tiring day.

They don't have seats, so its take away only. But you can always head to the canal leading to Nymphenburg palace and sit on its banks and finish up your gelato.

Rating : 4 / 5

British Airways Galleries Lounge / Oneworld Lounge, Munich, Germany

British Airways Galleries Lounge / Oneworld Lounge
Flughafen München
Terminal 1, Modul B
Ebene 05
Munich 85356

Phone number +49 421 5575758

Our flight was around 9:30pm (the last BA flight out of Munich). Bear with me, but this fact is important to this review.

After an extremely lengthy immigration and security process, we were able to get into the lounge by 8:30pm. We had left our hotel at 6:30 pm and in the middle of all the sightseeing we had not taken a break for lunch or dinner (just coffee & a sandwich on the go). So we were hungry & a bit on edge.

It was a bit of a maze to locate the lounge, but the staff at the desk were extremely welcoming and friendly.

The problem was when it came to the refreshments. The coffee machine was great & we had some wonderful coffee, there was a pretty decent alcohol selection, but we don't drink before & during flights. It was the food that was woefully inadequate.

There were a few crumbling sandwiches, some so called spicy chicken and a potato snack option. Both were cold, hard, dry and tasteless. There was one packet of crisps left, which I picked up and we ate that and a tiny pot of ice cream and sipped on our coffee. We watched them clear up all the tables at 8:40 and thought that they would bring out some fresh hot food. It was only at 9:00 that we realised that they were cleaning up in anticipation of closing down.

This was too late for us to even consider visiting another eatery in the airport. The problem was that by the time we reached London T5 and cleared immigration it was 10:30 and the only option at T5 on arrival is Costa which I definitely did not want. Too late to order delivery once we got home too. So we had to be content with instant noodles.

If you are hungry when you arrive at Munich airport (Budget at least one hour for the queues, even if you are a gold card holder or flying Business class), don't bother finding the lounge, but eat at one of the restaurants immediately after you are through.

If you just want a quiet place to sit down and sip on a drink, only then head to the BA lounge.

Rating : 2 / 5

Monday, August 29, 2016

Ratchada, Munich, Germany

Schwanthalerstr. 8
Munich 80336

Phone number +49 89 4317859

I saw the amazing rating on yelp and I had to head here as my Indian palate was craving spicy complex flavours after a week of local food.

We walked here from the Hauptbahnhoff and the area seemed a bit dodgy, but in the pursuit of good food, I convinced the husband to persevere and we are very glad that we did.

The restaurant is in the basement, so its quite dark yet cool.

Given how tired I was after a long day of walking, the minute I was handed an English version of the menu, I pointed to the Thai Iced Coffee & when it arrived it was absolutely perfect!

The staff who served us only spoke German & Thai, so I had to refer to google translate to tell them about my prawn allergy. She kept referring me to the vegetarian section of the menu (perils of looking Indian) and through sign language and google translate, I tried to explain that I was allergic only to shrimp & prawns but I NEEDED meat.

I had the tom kha gai & he had the tom yum. Both of which were fantastic. I had also ordered vegetarian spring rolls as the meat ones had some shrimp in it. I wanted a non fried starter, so I order a stir fried pork, which turned out to be a bit more saucy than I expected but wonderfully tasty.

Husband wanted just a fried rice and I wanted a green curry rice, so we ordered both (sticky rice is automatically served as an accompaniment with curry). They were both so good, my taste buds were in heaven. The rice could be eaten on its own as a complete meal.

Once the food arrived, we realised that we had over ordered. Between the 2 of us, we should have just gone for 2 soups, the curry rice & the egg fried rice. There was no need for anything else. There was a lot of food leftover, but as we were staying in a hotel and had a checkout the next morning with baggage pick up in the evening, there was no point in packing the leftovers (which were a complete meal) I was kicking myself the next day for not packing the leftovers anyway

This Thai food holds its own against any food I have eaten even in Thailand. Heavily recommended.

Oh & on the way back we walked towards Karlsplatz and that was a way better approach. So if you have to walk the last bit, Id recommend walking from Karlsplatz rather than the Hauptbahnhoff.

Rating : 5 / 5


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