Tuesday, November 09, 1999

Tavern, Bangalore

Residency Road.

They have a steep entry for stags on Fridays and Saturdays. A quarter grand which is not even a Cover charge.ÿBOB is .85ÿ and they only serve Kingfisher and Kalyani. Tap is rs30. Pitcher is rs120.

The decor consists of comfortable sofas set around the edges and circular tables with bar stools around them set all over the remaining space. The lighting is dimmed so you can't really distinguish between the colors of the upholstery.

The DJ has a closed cabin to himself which can be isolated (locked off) from the rest of the pub. I guess it makes him feel more secure that way. Out of the reach of pub hoppers who don't like his music perhaps. He doesn't do that bad a job though. But then its not his fault that the super woofers all around churn your drink like a milk shake. He plays all kind of stuff from 'sweet child of mine' to 'hotel california', in that order.

The first cocktail we ordered was 'silk panties' -ÿ that's a combo of strawberry crush, peach schnapps and vodka. I almost thought I was regressing into my high school days when it arrived in a test tube (with the borosil label still on it) placed in a test tube stand which had Smirnoff written all over it. That little piece of lingerie couldn't have been more thanÿ 30 ml of liquid but it increased our bill by 200 bucks straight.

They have a huge assortment of cocktails. They have actually classified them separately as vodka based, rum based, whisky based and so on. My friend ordered Sex on the Beach next. But this too had peach schnapps in it. Fortunately it arrived in a decent glass. Decent shape and decent size. I've never been partial to peach schnapps myself. But seeing that this cocktail at least had some amount of liquid sustenance in it, I ordered the Chi-Chi which is the same as a Pina Colada with a vodka base instead of a rum base. It was quite good.

Most of the cocktails were in the 120 - 160 range, except a few exotic ones like the silky stuff which was 200. The hard stuff was 65 for premium brands and 60 for the next grade. CD's seperate.

Their tandoori stuff is good but gets totally chilled by the time they bring it up from their basement kitchen to the first floor pub. Veg snacks are 40-60 bucks. Non-veg stuff is 90-120. The dragon rolls were decent though.

The crowd is varied. Lot of pseuds around flaunting the smallest handsets and the biggest cars. Heard a woman was marketing herself for 3 grand (don't know if you'd want to put that in, though) so I guess its quite an upmarket place. What was I doing in such a place ?.

Ended the evening with some Malibu rum neat which went down really smoothly. A lovely beginning to a blissful Saturday night, with no hurry to get up the next morning.



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