Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wraps & Wings, London

Wraps & Wings,
244 Acklam Road,
Notting Hill,
London W10 5YG
020 8960 3800

We were looking for a home delivery this evening and "Wraps & Wings" had dropped their menu in our mailbox a couple of days ago.

While at first look, you may think that this is a fast food place, there were more than enough healthier options for me to choose from (non fried, no carb, protein + veggies)

The menu is very simple and straight forward : beef/chicken/veg burgers (5-6 pounds). Chicken/veg wrap (4.99), wings (5 for 4.49, 3 for 3.49 with bone or boneless), barbecued chicken (quarter-4.49, half 6.99, whole 10.99)  and a selection of side dishes. The variations come in the multitude of sauces on offer - Buffalo, Sticky BBQ, Caribbean Jerk, Peri Peri (hot or mild), Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime.

For myself I ordered the Chicken & wings platter (9.99) which came with half a barbecued chicken - I chose the peri-peri sauce for this and it was wonderful. I chose the highest heat and could have easily eaten spicier, but it at least felt like I was eating spicy food. The wings I asked for with the buffalo sauce and that was good too, but I preferred the peri-peri sauce. The platter also came with 2 sides of fries and 2 choice of sauce -the chipotle mayo is very good. When they said the platter was good for 2, I did not take it at face value and ordered a separate meal for the husband, but the portions are very large and half of the half chicken is sitting in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

For the husband, I ordered the boneless chicken wings with the mango & lime marinade and a salad (5.49). The salad was lovely (green leaves, peppers, corn and ineapple in a light dressing), the marinade was good, but I personally would have preferred a heavier helping of the marinade in the chicken. I could just get hints of flavour, unlike in my own chicken dishes which were "goooily" coated.

The chicken wrap (Caribbean Jerk marinade - 4.99) was a little drier than my husband liked, so he just added, some of the mayo into the wrap. I did not taste this one, because I was already quite stuffed. But apart from the chicken, he said it also had roast vegetables, cajun slaw and lettuce.

The honey roast vegetables (1.99) were perfect. nibble sized pieces, well seasoned and beautifully roasted. The sweet potato fries (3.99) were good, but I've had much better or maybe they just got a bit soggy because of the delivery.

I'd like to try their peri peri fries (2.49 / 2.79) next time. If you like to end the meal on something sweet, they do have an apple crumble pie, blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cake (4 pounds each) to choose from.

This outlet only has delivery option (no takeaway, no eat-ins) and delivery is free for orders over 15 Pounds.

All the food above + tip came up to 28 Pounds. Not a bad price for a healthy meal delivered home.

Rating : 3.75 / 5


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