Monday, August 27, 2001

Black Cadillac, Bangalore

Cha Che Towers,
50 Residency Road.

Located in Cha Che Towers. Same place as the White Dwarf. Opposite Purple Haze & Zapp. How many more landmarks do you want ???? Having entered Bangalore lately, I haven't seen BC in its previous avataar, so someone else might like to elaborate on that. But they have supposedly gone in for a revamp (which was why it had been closed 4 eternity, or what felt like it). It is located in the basement of chache towers (now isn't there some legislation against that in Bangalore city????)

As you walk in, the blue lighting hits you and so does the smell of food. Have you entered a pub or a restaurant you think as it looks more like a garden restaurant than a snazzy pub. Then you go inside where you do get the pubby feel (if u get wot i mean) And then you also have the option of moving outside into the open air. aah heaven !!! not to be clogged down by cigarette smoke!!!. There are these broken up vintage cars postioned along the wall. But they don't distract you for too long from the eyesore of the peeling paint of the rest of the building in whose basement BC is located. Music is good. Mostly retro, but now, they do ease in to crowd demand once-in-a-way and play the noise that passes off as music these days.

BOB is between .7 for an ice beer and 1.1 for others. Rum is about 70 for old monk and 75 for bacardi. The kababs weren't too good so I wouldn't recommend snacking here. Instead of being tender and juicy, they seemed encrusted in something resembling chinese rather than indian cooking. The raja special wasn't good either. So don't eat @ this place. No complimentary snacks. Snacks range between 75 - 200.

This piece wouldn't be complete till I share the PJ's about their washrooms. The gents room says "Elton John" and the Ladies says "Olivia Newton John". Nice place to relax when you want to go to a hip joint where u don't have to feel ashamed of your age or figure because of the over-abundance of anorexic 15+s .

Published on in 2001


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