Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Premvati Food Court, Akshardham, Delhi

Premvati Food Court
Swaminarayana Akshardham

When entering the Akshardham temple, you aren't allowed to carry anything inside, except your wallet (not purse), keys and the clothes that you have on.

Given the hordes of people from various strata of society who arrive and the sheer size of the complex (100 acres), the temple trust has taken its responsibility of providing food for the stomach along with the soul, seriously.

There are a couple of kiosks around the temple complex which sell basic drinks - tea, coffee, soft drinks, some snacks and a few packed meals.

The Premvati Food Court is more comprehensive with a much larger menu.

The North Indian thali has 2 rotis or 5 puris and rice with dhal, a paneer curry, vegetable curry, 2 dry vegetable dishes, papad, pickle, chaach (buttermilk), dhokla, pakoda and a sweet. All this for 105Rs (all inclusive).

Snacks are even more reasonable - dhai bhalla for 25Rs, Poori subzi - watery potato curry with 5 puris for 30Rs, Chhole Bhature for 40Rs. They have samosas, kachoris, kulfi, eggless cakes and other items on the menu too.

Asoft drink is 15Rs, as is a 1 litre bottle of water. Since their tie up is with Coca Cola you get bon aqua water and the coke brand soft drinks - coke, thumsup, fanta etc. The coffee is Gerogia coffee (another coke brand). The hot coffee is 25Rs and the cold coffee (highly recommended - but dont drink the dregs) is 35rs. Cold badam milk at 25Rs tastes like thandai and is very refreshing when you have been traipsing along in the heat.

The food court also has burgers and pizzas (albeit Indianised), dosas and idlis, kulchas and parathas for those who are so inclined.

The food is clean and hygenically prepared and served. How clean the tables and sinks are, do depend on who sat there before you, so choose your seating with care.

You have to place your order outside the building (2 counters) and pay there. Your bill comes with a series of counterfoils which also has the counter number at where that particular dish/drink will be served. There are 8 counters inside and you will have to stand in line for each of them - present the coupon and collect your food item.

The process may seem lengthy, but it is quite efficient.

The food is quite tasty and hence if you are visiting the complex, I would definitely reccommend grabbing a bite at the Premavati Food court before you leave.


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