Friday, February 25, 2005

Coco's - Hyderabad

Plot No 217
2nd Floor
Road No 2
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad 500 034
Ph : 2354 0600

Located opposite the KBR park, a lot has been written about the wonderful view from Coco's. Honestly, there's hardly anything that you can see once you reach there.

Its located on the terrace of the building which also houses, Shikaar, Tex Mex & Sundowner. The set up is neat. Its partly open air & the weather in Feb is ideal for this seating, late evenings. The seating is on bamboo based furniture & theres an artificial gravel kind of flooring in one section. The other section has more formalised tables which are more comfortable for eating. But if you want to relax & enjoy your drink, head to the bamboo section.

Music is played softly in the background. Theres an outstanding picture window behind th bar, which is lit from the outside, so you can see these tree branches, wherever you are seated.

This is the only open air, drinking hole, that I know of in Hyderabad. Crowd mix is between family types & friends catching up. Service is a little slow & you have to keep asking them for things like chutney, sauce & lime to go with the snacks you order. But the sheepish grin your request is accepted with, makes it kind of ok. Complimentary peanuts come with each round of drinks. BOB is around 120. Pint is 80. Cocktails in the 200 range. Mocktails a little lower. We stuck to beer.

Their kebabs are excellent. Definitely try the reshmi kebab. Or, if you are really hungry, order the kebab platter for 450/-. With 12 varieties of kebabs, 2 naans & dhal, its very worth it. They have a live grill section, on the rooftop itself, but we weren't in the mood. Anyone else try the grills @ Coco's ??? The Spinach stuffed mushrooms for 80/-, were a little bland & seemed like they had been defrosted just before frying. So, do stick to the kebabs. They do offer some items that are passable for dinner, but would advise dinner somewhere else.

All in all, it’s a nice place to catch a drink if you want a change from a noisy pub on a Sunday evening or if there's a little kid among the group that’s meeting up. But just stick to the kebabs.

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Tina said...

It has been an amazing experience for me in Cocos,maybe it was the occasion of my dear friend's birthday or jus the place.
The hospitality shown was very overwhelming as i had booked a table and had preplanned the event.
Mr Chandra Shekar arranged the whole surprise birthday party with the same enthusiasm that i shared.
The drinks(Moctails) Cranberry soother was good but i feel the milk based drinks can definetly improve a bit.....i loved the peanuts and chips served with the drinks.....a part i really liked...especially cause my friend loves peanuts!!!!
We are veggie lovers so ordered Coctail Kababs which is a must try of the place.....itz neither too spicy nor bland....a gud change and a light starter.
In the Main Course dry veg manchurian was definetly a decent try.
We ended our dinner with the cake cutting which was the surprise!!!! The staff really helped me to keep it as secretive as i wanted to and they also played the birthday song especially for my friend.
As a whole my experience in Cocos was simply amazing.....i think itz not jus the food but the ambience and the staff that makes a place worthwhile.
Thank you Cocos for giving me a wonderful memory to cherish for the rest of my life!!!!


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