Thursday, October 26, 2006

Andrea, Cairo

Had dinner at a lovely little restaurant called Andrea today. This was after a very interesting visit to The Lebanese Roastery. Read that account here

Andrea had a Moroccan setting as do most other Coffee Shops cum Restaurants in Cairo. Their signboard, menu cards, napkins all proclaimed that they were a chain that had been operational since 1959. That wasn't what impressed us, we had actually just completed another of our 3 hour walks & had decided to enter the next restaurant that looked halfway decent & order dinner.

Fortunately we werent disappointed. Cute interiors, an English menu and a waiter who could speak Basic English & we were ready to order. They had a couple of local dishes on offer & we decided to try them out.

We had some chicken liver (12LE) to start with as an appetiser which was ok, not very exciting, but the main courses were a bigger success.

I had the Kabab & Kofta (the kabab is like a piece of chicken tikka, the kofta is a much much fatter version of the sheekh kebab) for 29LE.

But dish of the day was hubbys Chicken Fata The recipe in the link before is similar but different from what we had at the restaurant, but I couldn't find any other recipe for this dish online.

What we ate seemed to be a combination of the following things. A mixture of boneless chicken chunks marinated in a tasty spice blend with chickpeas(chole) deep fried pita bread cut up in to small squares All covered with a layer of tahini& garnished with some nuts. It was absolutely briliant, I hope to find an Egyptian recipe book that will give me the exact recipe. This was more than worth its 18LE & extremely extremely filling


Harry Erik said...

Was it really a chain? I heard the original was actually a self-operating restaurant, and that the so called 'chains' are just copy-cats. Anyways, what you ate sounds quite delicous, I believe I've had something like that before.

Kim said...

This particular one is a branch of the original near Giza - the original guys said so :)


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