Saturday, October 08, 2011

Red Sizzle, Guwahati

Red Sizzle
Opp Tanz Supermarket
Next to Cafe Coffee Day
Zoo Road

I'd often seen this restaurant while shopping at Tanz, but my venture of trying Chinese food from Pizzeria opposite (the only ones who home deliver Chinese in this area) was so disastrous, that I'd been heading to Mainland China whenever the urge for Chinese struck.
Today, I just wanted a soup and was quite tired, so since I had to stop at Tanz to pick up some groceries, I thought I would give Red Sizzle a try. I walked inside, gave them my order, paid for it (bill generation took 10 minutes)and asked them to pack it up before I headed to Tanz to shop. The guy who took my order assured me that it would be ready in 15 minutes. The check out line at Tanz took half an hour (after shopping) and when I returned, my order wasn't ready yet!

Another guy apologised for the guy who gave me the 15 minute estimate and said it would take at least another 15 minutes. When I pressed him to give me an accurate time line, he said "ok madam, 30 mins lagega". A total of ONE and A HALF HOUR for a takeaway order to be ready. To be fair, I did order more than a soup. But 2 people sitting down to dinner would have ordered the same quantity, would they be willing to wait this long?

I gave the intial order at 8pm. I got my takeaway at 9:45pm The restaurant was empty and they no longer offer home delivery, so I really don't see where the delay was. No wonder the restaurant was empty.

They have an Indian menu and a Chinese + Thai menu. I completely ignored the Indian menu and ordered from the other. Most Chinese dishes on this menu have Veg/Chicken/Pork/Prawn options.

The Hot & Sour Chicken soup(60/-) was good in that it was filled with veggies and not overdosed with cornflour, but I needed to add tabasco to it to make it both hot and sour. The Laksa Lemak chicken soup (60Rs) was very ordinary - regular chicken soup boiled with slivers of lime.

The Roasted chilli pork (105Rs) and the Chilly chicken dry (105Rs) were much better. This at least had the addictive roadside Chinese flavour. but there were hardly 6 slices of pork and 6 pieces of chicken buried under the onions and capsicums.

The Thai Chicken Red Curry (135Rs) was a complete disaster. A cross between butter chicken with coconut milk, no lemon grass, no galangal, only soya sauce.

The Schezwan fried rice (105Rs) was extremely oily and made with joha rice that was too sticky to be used in fried rice.

Given how long it took for the order to be delivered, it would be faster for me to drive to Mainland China and pick up Chinese from there and drive back. Needless to say, I won't be returning here unless a massive craving for street style chilly chicken hits us.

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