Friday, April 10, 2015

CATZ, Cambridge

St Catharines College
01223 338373

The pub "Catz" (nickname for St Catharine's College) on the premises of the college, is large and has a pool table etc. The modern set-up in the basement feels anachronistic to the Gothic building design on the outside.

Spread out across a huge space in the basement at St Catharines College, I guess this would normally be filled with students. We just happened to visit during the Easter / Spring Break and had 2 bartenders and the whole space to ourselves.

They have a good range of alcohol from ciders to Single Malts. Service was really sweet, but nothing made the pub stand out for us.

Not sure if they serve dinner, they had a few snacks type items and are open for private parties and breakfasts.

The feeling of the place was more like a brightly lit modern lounge, for atmosphere - we much preferred the Eagle Bar next door - (for a drink (but not dinner)

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