Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Biju Bubble Tea Room, London #YelptoberFest

Biju Bubble Tea Room
45 Old Compton Street
London W1D 6HQ
020 72874040

The Biju Bubble Tea Room, is not on a main street in Soho, but believe me, its worth trying to find this place (citymapper is on your phone for a reason) and not getting waylaid by other bubble tea rooms along the path.

Every cup of tea is freshly brewed (from leaves) to order - in an espresso like machine. You have a choice of black & green teas. You can then add any of their natural syrups to flavour your tea. The South Asian Wintermelon is an interesting novelty. This is shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice & then poured into a glass.

To this you can add either tapioca pearls (chewy), popping bubbles/boba (completely natural), jelly (nata de coco - coconut jelly - completely natural, completely vegetarian - sourced from the Philippines) or basil seeds (I know a couple of reviewers have commented on how weird they look, they are an acquired taste, but really good for you especially in the heat of summer)

Another stand out at Biju Bubble Tea is that you can specify how sweet you want your tea. All their products are organic - organic milk, organic soy milk & organic almond milk. While this tea is traditionally prepared by street vendors in Taiwan with powderd milk (so it will keep for longer, Biju can afford to use organic milk because each cup is made to order. There are no artificial flavours.

They also have the option of coconut water instead of tea which is healthier. And they have a couple of mousse tea options too which are mildly salty.

If you aren't into tea, you can always choose one of their milkshakes, the chocolate milk with egg custard was an amazing combination. They have a pistachio milk version too. And this was the first time, I actually was able to drink tea with milk because it was so well brewed.

You also have the option to request a hot bubble tea at Biju's.

Their range is amazing and since everything is brewed and prepared fresh, the only limit on the combination you choose is your imagination.

The team is young, knowledgeable & energetic. They will very helpfully explain and clarify whatever questions you may have about their teas. No sullen, morose, "don't bother me" looks here, that I have seen in other bubble tea places.

So lets tick them off
- Helpful, well informed service - check
- Fresh, healthy, customisable choices - check
- Completely vegetarian (for those so inclined) - check

So, what are you waiting for?

Rating : 5 / 5

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