Sunday, November 15, 2015

La Parisienne, London

La Parisienne
84 Bishop's Bridge Road
London W2 6BB

I've never tried this place before, Inspite of the enticing aromas coming from it each time I pass by (at least once a week) But today the pull of a hot gooey chocolate crepe on a chilly evening overrode all sensible, healthy and logical thoughts and I walked right in.

Everything in the counters looks sweet and sticky and the advertised crepes are again all sweet, but I asked the guy managing the whole patisserie on his own if he had any savoury options and he rattled off a few savoury crepe combinations.

I chose the old favourite ham & cheese for my savoury option and a plain Nutella crepe for a sweet finish. All accompanied with a cafe latte to wash it down.

It wasn't the best crepes I've had, but they were good and the whole experience was enhanced by the wonderful friendly service.

The coffee came accompanied with a piece of baklava which was a welcome change. One of my pet peeves at coffee shops is that complimentary cookies or biscuits only come with cappuccinos and not lattes.

Will I go back? For the coffee and to bring a smile on to my face on a cold evening, Yes!

Rating : 4 / 5

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