Friday, February 26, 2016

Casper & Gambinis, Cairo

Casper & Gambinis
Mall of Arabia

When I wanted to meet up with my friends in the 6th of October part of town. They unanimously decided to catch up at Casper & Gambinis in Mall of Arabia and after one visit, I could completely understand why.

Its the perfect place for the kind of long mid-morning coffees that we like to catch up over in Egypt. They start serving food quite early in the day and they have proper lunch dishes too, if you choose to stay on for a meal. The service is very good, efficient and attentive, without pressuring you to order more, just because you are lingering to chat.

The coffee was very good, I ordered chicken fingers and lasagna which were average. Good for Cairo, but nowhere in the league of authentic Italian that is available in London. London has indulged and spoiled my taste buds for good, I wonder how I will manage eating out, when it is time for us to relocate again.

I'd give the service here a 4 / 5, but the food would be a 3 / 5.

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