Monday, January 08, 2018

Hankies Cafe, London

Hankies Cafe
67 Shaftesbury Avenue
Piccadilly W1D 6LL
Phone number 020 7871 6021

Amazon Prime added this restaurant to their Home Delivery roster. I've been wanting to visit for awhile and we were in the mood for Indian today, so I placed an order.

The dahi bhalla was very authentic as was the chicken tikka and the chilli lamb chop. Full marks to these.

The black dhal and Haleem were quite good, but I've had better (in London too, not just in India)

The bhindi bhel, I was quite intrigued to taste, but it went missing in our order (I did get a refund)

The mushroom pickle was Fantastic!!!! The chicken pickle was good, but I could buy bottles of the mushroom pickle if they sold it!

The venison shammi was tasty, but I wasn't too happy with the texture, it could be the time until consumption made it hold together much tighter than it should. I'd like to try it in the restaurant to re-evaluate. However, for 5.5£ we got just one kebab and that felt a bit weird.

Which brings me to the main problem, some dishes are large serving size and some are measly and the prices don't reflect that. I guess this issue will be easily dealt with if you are eating at the restaurant, but can't be clarified when ordering online.

The kheema roti wasn't bad, but I could taste any truffle in the truffle naan.

The food in general was very good quality and I'm guessing that when I visit the location I will be able to give them an even higher rating!

Rating : 4 / 5 for Home Delivery

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