Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hyderabad - Painted Platters

Painted Platters
85, 8 avenue
Road No. 3
Banjara Hills,
5568 6444, 5568 6555

Painted platters in the outdoor seating part of where "Galloping Gooseberry" used to be. ("Galloping Gooseberry" re-opened last week as "grandma's" - quite apt given the time taken for service.....)

Don't let the terrible service of Galloping Gooseberry/Grandma's deter you from visitng Painted Platters. The service outide is seperately managed and quite well run. Given the effort put into decorating each plate, you don’t mind the slight delay, esp given the surroundings.

The menu is innovative to say the least. When you sit down, you are handed a literary masterpiece. And before you wonder if you have reached a library by mistake, you realise that the menu is integrated into the book.

The number of items on the menu is around 20 but each one of them is worth tasting at least once. The first 2/3's of the menu is constant, but the Viennese section is changed every quarter.

The presentation of each dessert is amazing. (before I forget, thet only serve desserts) If you have ever looked longingly/hungrily at the pictures of food in imported cookbooks, then this is where you get to see these dreamy concoctions come alive.

A lot of the desserts, have fruit bases or components. But there are more than enough varieties for chocoholics, like me. The Missisipi mud Pie @ 130 is a all time favorite at Painted Platters. The Viennese Alhambra at 95/- was also good with its sponge cake layers et al. Finished it off with a Malakov torte (105/-) which was absolute sin, loaded with alcohol.

So, forget all your diets & calorie counting, if you truly want to freak out at Painted Platters. There's free home delivery, in a 5km radius, if you order for 3 or more desserts. You can even pick up parcels from the place itself.


Anonymous said...


Must admit (a little sheepishly :) that I tried to locate the place last evening after promising my wife a fantastic dessert. I just could not. Is this place in the lane adjacent to Southern Spice? We went it but came out after roaming a little. Even tried the lane after TOI building. The phone numbers are "invalid" as per Tata.

Can you give a landmark or something?



Kim said...

Hi NS,

I had written this review over a year ago. Currently I'm based in Bombay, so I'm not sure if the place could have closed down.

It used to be next to Southern Spice. If u r coming up banjara hills & southern spice is on your left, then cross SS & the lane next to it & u will find another restaurant called "Gallopin Gooseberry"(at least till i was there, heard it was renamed mamas kitchen or something)

Painted Platters is in the outdoor part of that restaurant on the main road itself.

Hope u can find it.

If u can't, go further up the road & look for Melting Moments - another fab ice cream sundae place.


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