Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hyderabad - Rayalseema Ruchulu

Rayalseema Ruchulu
5510 0033, 5510 0044

Havent eaten at the restaurant itself, but have ordered food home, once in a way.

RR offers typical Andhra dishes, with the signature spiciness inherent in Andhra food.

They have some interesting innovations in rotis such as sajja roti (18) & Jonna roti (11) I would be hard pressed to describe them or the uingredients that go into their making, but let me assure you that they are quite tasty.

The chicken pulao (59) is in the andhra (not hyderabadi) style. They have an excellent starter called the rayalseema special chicken (68) which are something like cutlets, but yet different. Very interesting & a really good snack with whatever drinks you may be serving. Slighlty on the spicier side but then that’s what makes it interesting.

They serve a pretty mean brain fry (62) and mamasam kheema (82) too. Only thing being that though the rates look lower compared to other hotels, the quantitites on these main dishes are a little on the smaller side too. So you may need to order 1.5 times the amount you order from other places.

TO sum it up, I would say, food from Rayalseema Ruchulu is tasty & interesting.


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