Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bade Miyan's, Mumbai

Bade Miya
Tulloch Road
Apollo Bunder
Behind Taj Mahal Hotel
Mumbai 400 039
2284 8038, 2285 1649

Went back to Bade Miya's after a span of 7 years & I don't know what it was, but it wasn't as great as I remembered it. Possible reasons being:
1. It wasn't after a round of drinking that I landed there.
2. I've been eating better food recently.
3. After eating kebabs in Delhi, Hyderabad & the Northern front, none of the guys in Bombay are comparable except probably copper Chimney.

Since we reached a little early, the place hadn't started crowding as yet. We parked a little distance away, not sure if we would be able to navigate the back lanes. We were prepared to stand up and eat hot kebabs off the coals, but they have now taken over a small area opposite which they have outfitted with plastic chairs & metal tables.

The ambience of the Bade Miya I remember is still there. Its the food that has gone down huge notches. Except for the khiri all the kebabs were bland. The flavoring in the kheema was more fat than masala. The prices are still reasonable ranging between 30 & 60 for the dry dishes (oh btw the menu is the size of a visiting card & doesn't have any rates written on it.) Rumali roti's are 6 each. The Baida Roti was 50 bucks but it was something different at least. A kind of chicken stuffed egg paratha if that makes any sense.

2 of us ate some 6 different types of kebabs hoping to have better luck with the next one. 3 rumalis and 2 bottles of water came upto about 300 bucks.

The food is definitely VFM, but I don't think I'm gonna be going back any time soon.

And if u r still interested, they have started another counter which offers purely veg food.

They open around 7 in the evening, if u r still planning to go.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Blogs. I love food and especially Indian food.

Presently I am in the US and being an avid Mumbaikar, I miss 'real' Indian food more.

Keep blogging and I'll be reading them. Have added your blog to my Favourites.


yell said...

next to bade miya's is a shady li'l joint called baghdadi's

you'll be seated there on a table with 5 other people [ irrespective of how many people you came with ]

service is fast and hygiene is not expected. you're expected to arrive, be seated, eat quietly, pay at the counter and leave

try their enormous roti's and fried chicken [ gravy available separately ] after a round of beer, better than any kfc

yell said...

for the beer, go to gokul [ across the road ] or mondy's [ around the corner ]
gokul is a typical shady bar and very reasonable. mondy's i don't need to talk about.
along with bade miya's, baghdadi's and leopold's, these two joints make up one of mumbai's most interesting eat-and-drink spots.

Kim said...

did this pub & kebab crawl while straight out of campus.

Now I'm a little spoilt :) (hubby's words, not mine)


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