Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Urban Cafe, Delhi

Urban Cafe
70, Khan Market
Middle Lane

Ph: 4359 7128

Khan market is turning out to be our favourite destination for eating out on a whim.We wanted to try something new and had heard good things about Urban Cafe, so we decided to give it a try.

After climbing up a flight of stairs, and passed through a glass door, we entered a small room with about 8 tables with assorted seating options and black and white lamps. The decor had a kitschy Mad Hatters tea party meets Rocky Horror Picture Show kind of vibe to it. We later learned that they had more space upstairs, but we were quite comfortably ensconced by then.

We started out with a Classic Mojito (430Rs) and a Long Island Stretch Ice Tea (500Rs). I quite enjoyed my mojito which with its lemon and mint is extremely refreshing in this heat. The husband found the Ice Tea to be quite strong and wished he had ordered the non alcoholic one.

The waiter recommended the Thikha Murg tikkas (280Rs) that were quite delicious. Tasty, soft, well marinated bites of goodness, not the generic stuff that passes for chicken tikka just because it has a red colour. We also asked for the black pepper crusted tenderloin (245Rs) that came in bite sized pieces arranged around a house salad as an appetiser.

From this very combination, you can surmise that Urban Cafe offers at least 2 different styles of cuisines. Having tried the Continenetal and the Indian, I would vote for the Indian items, even thought the Continetal was also quite good. Having decided this, we chose Indian items for our dinner.

Bharwa Amritsari Kulcha (40Rs) which was stuffed with a potato base, was a good size, cut into 4 pieces, it can be quite filling. And the ghosht biryani (300Rs). While the biryani was a bit oily, the taste was really good and the crispy onion garnish was just right.

The most outstanding items on the menu were definitely the desserts. We had the Bailey's creme brulee (200Rs) and the Warm Chocolate Pudding with ice cream (240Rs) I wish I had taken a picture of the warm chocolate sauce oozing out of the pudding, but I was too engrossed in scooping up the gooey mess to douse in ice cream for a wonderful balance of hot and cold. The cremem brulee was good, but unfortunately we have had superlative creme brulee's recently at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Dubai and Ai at the MGF mall, so this one kind of paled in comparison.

They currently have a citibank promotion which gives 15% off on the bill if you pay with certain citibank credit cards. Then they add the 12.5% and 20% VAT on food and alcohol and a service charge of 20%.

It is a place I could go back to. But there is so much competition in Khan market, where my number one choice is still the Big Chill Cafe.

Ambience : 3 (Maybe the 4 noisy kids at the next table, just spoilt the setting for us)
Food : 3.5
Service : 3 (They forgot to replace my knife when serving me the mutton biryani which was NOT boneless and other lack of attention to finer details)

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