Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chi Kitchen, Delhi

 Chi Kitchen
C - 1, SDA
4650 8753

Also at Select City Walk Mall, Saket

Ordered a takeaway from these guys and we were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures :).

We started with a chicken & corriander dimsum (320Rs). Beautifully shaped crescents, the pastry was light but held together the dimsums perfectly. the stuffing had just the right amount of moisture content to burst flavour in our mouths while still retaining its tight form. There were some sauces(a garlic mayonnaise, red chilli paste, sour & spicy sauce and a sweet &spicy sauce, pickled ginger) that came home with the delivery. And we tried all of them which mostly went well with the dimsum.

We then had the HongKong Chicken wonton and Roast Pork noodle soup (290Rs). The portion was really large, with 4 wontons and a fair amount of wonderfully flavored roast pork slices. The broth with simple yet hearty. An ideal summer soup. Not too heavy, but filling enough to be an entire meal.

We had also ordered a red thai chicken curry (325rs) which we had the next day. It wasn't very spicy, but the balance of lemon grass, galangal and basil was lovely. You need to order rice seperately when ordering the curry dishes. The veg fried rice (165Rs) was the only item we ordered, that didn't match the wonderful flavours of the rest of the food. The rice was a little undercooked and was too al dente to enjoy.

Portion sizes are generous. One rice and curry should be enough for 2 moderately hungry people.

VAT is 12.5% and for home delivery there is a packing charge of 10% (4 items costed us 110Rs - more than any other delivery/packing charge I have seen in Delhi). Bill for 2 which served us 2 mini meals each was about 1350Rs.

They have a reasonably large menu influenced by South East Asian cuisine. We will definitely order in again, from here and try out the other items too.

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