Friday, June 25, 2010

Baujee ka Dhabha, Gurgaon

Baujee ka Dhabha,
MGF Mall
 Ph : 0124 410 1066/67

Hidden in a corner of the MGF mall, this restaurant is a little difficult to find unless you are actively searching for it. But its worth the search, because you can escape from a standard mall, into a restaurant with a personality. As you enter, you will chance upon an astrologer and his parrot who will read your fortune for you if you want.

The dhabha theme and decor continue as you enter the restaurant, right down to the charpoys, the copper bottomed dishes and glasses and the achars (pickles) in ceramic jars.

To start off, we ordered the Raseela Aam panna 75Rs which came in a kullad with jeera tadka. It was really good, for 2nd's we asked them to skip the tadka and enjoyed that even more.

Lunch was Murg Dumpukht 325Rs - a very tasty spicy and tangy chicken dish cooked on dum. To go with this we ordered an aloo(potato) stuffed naan (60Rs), laccha paratha (50Rs) and a tawa phulka (18Rs)

While we really enjoyed this course, the next course of Mutton Biryani (325Rs) was quite a let down and not something I would try again at this location and hence my quest for a good quality biryani in Delhi continues.

We ended the meal on a sweet note of kulfi falooda (110Rs) The kulfi was good, the falooda in true Irani style did not add to the flavour, but was just there to cut the sweetness of the kulfi.

A bottle of Mineral Water was 40rs and taxes are added to the mentioned prices.

The Punjabi food seems really good at this place and I would go back for more, but I will stay away from the biryani.

Edited on 23 Feb 2011 to Add:
We were in Gurgaon and needed a place to have a quick Indian lunch while still being able to catch the World Cup match (for the male members of the group), so given my last experience here, I thought this would be a good fit. I wasn't disappointed.

Kingfisher pints at 125Rs and Budweiser pints at 145Rs, got the group into a good mood. They do provide complimentary roasted papads while you wait for your hot appetisers. For starters we ordered the tawa kabab (350Rs) which had 3 pieces of veg shammi kababs and 3 pieces of dahi ke kebab. I've been wanting to try dahi ke kebab for ages, as it keeps popping up on menus in Delhi, but have always succumbed to the non veg options on the menu. It was quite interesting - thickened sweetened curd mixed with some kind of a binder and deep fried.

The dhabha murg tikka (399Rs) was divine. Spicy, well marinated and melt in your mouth consistency.. The bhuna ghosht (425Rs) had mutton pieces with mutton mince and boiled eggs - a semi gravy concoction that went well with the rotis.

The dhabha dhal (195rs) - a mix of yellow and black dhals was well appreciated around the table. The heeng jeera mattar (200Rs) had a home cooked aura around it. Not too spicy but flavoursome. Boondi Raita (105Rs) rounded up the dishes.

The pyaz hari mirch roti (95Rs) was spicy and not as heavy as a paratha. Missi rotis (50Rs) and tandoori rotis (25Rs) were all great accompaniments to the main dishes. Remembering my last experience with the biriyani, we opted for the jeera chawal (140Rs) this time and it was a good choice.

The food was extremely tasty and everyone was happy with the service and quality. Baujee ka dhabha struggles with its location as it is in a corner of the MGF mall on the 3rd floor. To arrive here you have to cross stalwarts like Rajdhani and a couple of other Indian restaurants. But its worth avoiding the temptations along the path to get here.


Abhishek said...

Hey stumbled upon your blog while looking for reviews on Gurgaon food joints.

If you are looking for good Biryani in the NCR, the best place is Karims. Preferably the one at jama Masjid or Nizamudin but their other outlets keep up up the standards pretty well. The ambience is not that great but the Mughlai food is as good as it gets.

Kim said...

Thanks Abhishek,
I do like the biryani of Karims at Jamma Masjid, but the other outlets are very oily. For me the oiliness of a biryani is a huge turn off. Esp because it starts to turn cold before you can finish a plate and then it congeals and looks,feels and tastes terrible :(


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