Friday, July 09, 2010

Hao Shi Nian Nian, Gurgaon

Hao Shi Nian Nian,
Central Plaza
Golf Course Road
Sector 53
Tel : 0124 425 8888

A Sichuan Specialty Restaurant. Its the real deal, not an Indian-Chinese type of place.

We visited here with a large group of friends and since we couldn't be bothered to decipher the menu and try to reach a consensus, we asked the Manager to recommend 1 rice dish, 1 noodles, 1 lamb, 1 chicken and 1 pork dish and to have it all, at least moderately spicy.

He brought us a variety of dishes whose names I really don't remember and I would normally not write a review of a restaurant where I can't be specific about what we ordered. Its just that all the food was great. Really tasty, delicately balanced and flavoured. They served us a good combination of flavours, so each dish was distinct in flavour, yet meshed well together.

The interiors are in a classy, night-clubby black. There's a live band which plays there pretty regularly. The restaurant is split over 2 floors and they mentioned something about having opened an Indian section too.

Our friends who recommended the place to us, said they had been consistently happy with the service and food at this place.

This is a restaurant that I would go back to again and again, if I lived in Gurgaon.

Ambience : 7.5
Food : 8
Service: 8


The knife said...

Hi first time here. I quite liked what I read and plan to keep dipping into your blog. Cheers, Kalyan

Kim said...

Hey Kalyan,

Thanks for stopping by and the sweet compliment. It means a lot coming from you!

I've been following "Finely Chopped" for awhile and love your experiments with food:)

Heard about you from Rushina as well. We should meet up for a meal, the next time I am in Mumbai :)

The knife said...

Or when I am in Gurgaon? :)

Rushina is a dear friend of mine.

Kim said...

We currently live in Delhi, so if you are headed to this part of the country, you are welcome to come visit us for a home cooked meal, or we can head to Gurgaon too.

The knife said...

Hi Kim,

I said so as your last post was on Gurgaon. I honestly want to read your blog in in more detail. I used to go to Delhi a lot on work.

Then to Gurgaon in the last couple of years. In fact my kid brother has just shifted to Delhi and is trying to settle down there.

Thank you so much for the invite :)

Kim said...

we just moved here a few months ago. Do ask your brother to contact me if he needs any help settling into Delhi.

I'm a Bombay afficianado myself, and can never be 100% at ease in Delhi, but I'm learning to mamage :)

The knife said...

Will do Kim. I moved into Bombay 13 years back. Am addicted.

My mom and her brother and sisters grew up in Delhi as my grandpa worked in the Railways. Pandara Road


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