Friday, October 08, 2010

Assam Food Stall, Delhi

Assam Food Stall,
Dilli Haat - INA Market
Delhi 23
98996 87026, 2616 5846, 2616 3539

I have my favourite food stalls at Dilli Haat, but having made a consciuos decision to diversify and try out something new, I was looking forward to eating at the special food stall set up for "The Arunachal Pradesh Day" celebrations.

Unfortunately they only had pork and bamboo shoots and since I had already eaten that just yesterday, at the Nagaland stall on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, I decided to head elsewhere. The Assam stall was closest and I headed over.

Most of the Assamese specialities were fish based but I was in the mood for chicken, so I opted for the Assamese chicken thali (150Rs). Since the manager said that the chicken curry wasn't very spicy, I also ordered a side dish of chilli chicken (125Rs). When I told him I wanted to taste a vegetarian Assamese specialty, he recommended the Kharicha.
The Assamese chicken thali had 3 pieces of chicken in the curry, some freshly sliced onions and green chillies and some Assamese Dhal. The Chicken curry was generic and tasted like a lot of home made chicken curries I have tasted up North. The dhal did have a slightly different taste though. Sourer than most dhals that I have tasted. Te Chilli chicken was also of the generic Indian Chinese variety sold at most street food stalls across the city.
The Kharicha. is a dish made from bamboo shoots that are finely chopped and lightly pickled/fermented. The flavours are quite pronounced, but it tasted quite yummy with the rice and dhal.
Overall the chicken did not impress me much, but the Kharicha. was something new and I think the next time I return, I will try the fish, as that is much more a part of the Assamese diet than chicken.


Anonymous said...

You should try out the Masor Tenga. Its a special fish curry of Assam.

Karishma Pais said...

Lived in Guwahati for a year and ate a lot of Masor Tenga - love the sour spicey taste :)


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