Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kasa Gelato, Delhi

Kasa Gelato
GK 1 - N Block Market - 1

While this is more ice cream than Gelato, their flavours are really good. I tasted them on a whim and picked up a half liter tub of Irish Cream (585Rs)and a half liter tub of After Eight (585Rs) - mint and chocolate flavour.

The gelatos are well blended and the flavours are just right. There are multiple chocolate flavours including chocolate brownie, Belgian chocolate and Toblerone among others. The ones I bought were the highest priced. Madagascar Vanilla and other flavours at the lower end of the scale are around 450Rs.
They also sell them by the scoop, if you want a cool bite midway through shopping in the market. But for take aways, the man very efficiently wraps the tub in foil to maintain its temperature for longer.

Definitely worth a scoop.
 The reflection off the glass did not do the ice creams much justice.

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