Monday, December 20, 2010

Chillis Bar & Grill, Delhi

Chillis Bar & Grill,
3rd Floor Ambience Mall
Vasant Kunj

I was so excited that Chillis was going to be opening shortly in Delhi. Chillis was practically our only order-in option in Egypt , we have celebrated many iftaars and late night meals at Chillis, so it has a special place in our food memories.

So today when we saw that it had finally opened, we HAD to stop and grab a bite although we were just peckish and had no appetites for their burgers or fajitas.

We ordered my favorite SouthWestern Egg Rolls 250Rs and the husbands favorite - Classic nachos with chicken 300Rs. For drinks, we ordered the Strawberry lemonade 75Rs and the Blackberry Ice Tea 75Rs.

The drinks orders were fine, but the food was way below our expectations. While the food itself doesn't taste bad, it did not taste anything like what we had been used to for the last 4 years. The pastry for the egg rolls was thickly rolled, closer to a samosa dough. The stuffing had more cheese than juicy corn and refried beans. They had used haricot beans instead of black beans and they weren't cooked as soft as they should be. The beans were al dente. The taste was fine, but it wasn't the familiar taste that we were craving

The nachos (chips not the dish itself) tasted like they had been in packing for awhile and hence left a stale aftertaste.

When we were asked for our opinion (a standard procedure in most Delhi restaurants) we frankly told the server that the food was nothing like what we were expecting. He called the manager and the manager promised to look into it. He had a theory about how Chilis Middle East may have different recipes than Chilis USA and how his senior staff was trained in the US. But I'm not completely convinced.

I am however willing to give it another chance a month or 2 down the line, once they find their feet (hopefully).

They seem to have the right service attitude so with a bit of guidance and experience, I'm hoping for a dramatic improvement from the current levels.

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Anonymous said...

I had a very bad experience at chilis in ambi mall vasant kunj 9 Feb 2012. I had food poisoning and blisters around my lips early morning the next day after having my dinner.I had ordered a salmon for main course. And had to wait for my meal for about 25 minutes after asking the staff to double check as to why it was taking so long. When my food was finally served, I realised the salmon wasn't cooked and water was oozing from it after taking two bites. So told the waitress who was serving about my dish and she didn't know how to react. No apology at all. There goes my dish back to the kitchen and had to wait for another 15 minutes. By then I was losing my appetite and started nibbling my daughter's pizza n fries. When my food came back,I felt sick of looking at the salmon. Took a bite and left it. It was the worst experience and the restaurant must serve fresh seafood daily and not frozen. I'll never go back again.


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