Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gloria Jeans Coffee, Delhi

Gloria Jeans Coffee
3rd Floor Ambience Mall
Vasant Kunj

The Australian Chain - Gloria Jeans outlet in the Vasant Kunj Ambience mall is on the 3rd floor and while it is not an enclosed area, it does have seating.

I had heard that their cookies were on the harder side, but their coffee reviews weren't too bad, so we decided to stop there and rest our weary feet and caffienate our systems.

A bottle of aquafina to quench our parched throats (most food/beverage kiosks in the mall, don't stock water) was 22Rs. GLoria Jeans coffees come in 2 sizes - small & regular. The regular creme brulee iced coffee was 129Rs and the extra espresso shot was 29Rs. The Mocha truffle coffee regular size was 115Rs.

The staff is relatively new and couldn't explain their coffees and I must confess that I was apprehensive. But they stuck to their recipe print outs (pasted on the brewing and mixing tables) and the results weren't bad at all.

Though they have seating on both sides, its self service at this location. At the customer service end there were 4-5 shakers with different colored sprinkles along with the cinnamon option and the choice of sugar/brown sugar/ sugar free.

While the coffees weren't something that would compel us to return, the snacks were quite outstanding. The lassoni chicken sandwich 89Rs, while not overly stuffed was very delicately spiced and lightly grilled before serving. The blueberry muffin 59Rs was a muffin with a blueberry jam center. Moist, neither too heavy nor too airy, with just the right hint of sweetness.

The snacks selection is limited to a few light cakes and muffins, sandwiches and rolls that are pre-packaged and reheated or grilled as required.

We will be back for the muffins and sandwiches for sure. What better place to relax and browse through the books that you have just picked up from the Landmark store opposite.

12.5% VAT will be added to the prices mentioned above.

Camera and cell phone ran out of battery, so no pictures. :(

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