Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food Product Review : Mint-O-Ultramintz

About 2 weeks ago, I was contacted by Blogadda, asking if I would like to review mint-o Ultramintz as a part of their Product Reviews Program. A few days before that, a friend of ours had been heavily recommending ITC's mint-o-ultramintz to my husband and also complaining about how difficult it was to find it in the open market.

So I obviously jumped at the chance to review the product. Sigh! the things one does to keep ones husband happy! LOL

Within a week or so, the package arrived by courier and I was quite impressed with the personalised gift wrapped packaging.

On opening the first layer, the packaging inside was almost like a jewel case, with the ultramintz box resting in a hollow, lined with silk.

The courier I received, actually had 2 such boxes.

Ultramintz are supposed to be made with imported peppermint oil and sugar substitute, so they are supposed to be a low calorie mouth freshener / refresher / instant pick me up / low calorie sugar fix.

As a low calorie sugar fix, I like the product. It is mildly sweet, not too strong and works perfectly for me when I am working late into the night and have a sugar craving, but don't want to binge on something unhealthy / fattening.

As a ultramintz, I was expecting much more. The name, the icy look on the box, the packaging - all made me expect a much much stronger minty flavour, one that would almost burn away my taste buds, like Big Red Chewing Gum. But, on this count, the product failed for me. Its a very mild peppermint flavour. Its a good flavour, but just not strong enough. Even tic tac seems to be stronger than ultramintz. Brands like XXX and Altoids are at a different strength level altogether.

Now, if I had bought ultramintz as a regular mint box to keep in my handbag, I wouldn't have been disappointed. But the sheer build up to the product, the way it was launched in the market, the way it is packaged, the way it is being marketed, the way it is being talked about. All of this compounded together, made my expectations skyrocket. And it was these expectations that were dashed when I tried them at home.

Everyone else in my family, also felt the same way. That the final delivery, did not meet the product expectation build up. Ultra to us implies "more" and we all expected much more strength to the peppermint part of the product. The sweetness was ideal and no issue at all.

Will, I buy it off the shelf? I honestly don't know. I'm not sure of their price point yet. The box is convenient and not as fiddly as a tic tac box, which often opens up in the purse, but is that enough, for me to switch brands and products?

Overall, ultramintz is a nice mint to have handy in your purse, to refresh the taste in your mouth or as a low-calorie sweet fix, but its not even strong enough to work as a breathmint.

I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda

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