Friday, August 23, 2013

Fresh Roast, Ahmedabad

We had a lovely mini Zomato Foodie Meet Up at Fresh Roast today and none of the foodies who attended had visited Fresh Roast before. So it was as new and exciting an experience for each and every one of us.

Fresh Roast is set in a 90 year old Heritage Building that has been loving restored and now the 33 room house has the option of 18 rooms for rent (like service apartments) too.

However, we were there for the food and the food gossip, so after we were shown around the place, we all began a series of foodie discussions with each other and the wonderful team of Zomato Ahmedabad.

We were given a special menu to choose from, culled from the best dishes that Fresh Roast offers.

There were at least 7 varieties of mocktails and milkshakes to choose from. A similar choice of soups, salads, starters and main courses were also offered. We were all so busy talking away, that I don't think any one of us took any pictures of the food.

I tried the Lemon Blazer - Fizzy Lime and Mint Twist with Cranberry and Pineapple juice that was really refreshing and also had a bite to it. I suspect a bit of green chilli was thrown into the mix. But it just enhanced the taste.

I did consider ordering a soup, but for some reason I didn't and I didn't notice anyone else order a soup or a milkshake either.

Our table tried the Lettuce Wrap salad that was interesting, but although the menu said it had an oregano lemon dressing, for me the overwhelming flavour was a sweet and sour imli sauce kind of taste (that was interesting). The other table said the Fettuce Salad was also very good.

Given my special dietary requirement of non fried, non cheesy, non carb food (for today), I couldn't taste the really exciting dishes on the menu. I was told that the Jalapeno Cheese Wraps were very good. I did however try the Sauteed Mushrooms and the Pesto Malai Paneer and I have to confess that I loved the Paneer. This may be the first time I want to go back to a vegetarian restaurant to have a veggie item all over again. The paneer was really yummy.

The spinach cheese balls, bruschetta, quesadillas, Milanese Pizza and Ravioli all looked good, so I guess I will have to try them when I return to Fresh Roast.

For dessert, there was a choice of ginger, rose and kiwi ice cream. The ginger ice cream was rated the best of the lot. So that's another item on my wishlist, for when I return.

The service was lovely. Non intrusive but served with warmth and care. The open air seating outside was lovely and with all the garden umbrellas, we did not even realise how hard it was raining.

Rarely do Pure Vegetarian Eateries feature in my "visit/visit again" wishlist, but Fresh Roast is firmly in that category.

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