Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Country of Origin, Mumbai

Country of Origin,
69, Nepean Sea Road,
Manisha Building,
Malabar Hill
022 23642221

This dessert space has a lovely welcoming area and warm wooden ornate seating and some yummylicious dessert displays. Sadly, although most of their desserts are meant to be eaten warmed up, they don't even have a microwave on the premises of such a large space.

Then why the 4.5 rating you may ask? It's solely for their desserts which are to die for.

I visited with a foodie friend and we both left with large bags filled with goodies. She picked up a lot of lavash and breads and other stuff that needed to be consumed soon, I contented myself with a couple of their famous (from the Koffee with Karan hamper) Cakes in a Jar.

Absolutely loved the Intense chocolate brownie (75/-), which is a chocolate covered chocolate brownie.

They had some really cute liquid chocolate syringes (210/-) which are a  great fun idea for kids, however, this started melting aand leaking in the car before we even reached home, inspite of all its packaging. They have an espresso verion too for adults.

The hazelnut profiterole (95/-) was tasty, but since we ate in cold (we couldn't wait to get home) it wasn't as good as it would have been, if it had been slightly warmed up.

Their Fondants looked really exciting and they have plenty of eggless versions of their desserts too. They also have dips, that you can use as appetisers and they can customise gift hampers for you.

I also picked up some of the cakes in a jar - The haute chocolate hazelnut jar (750/-) is my favourite. The Red Velvet at 875/- I feel is completely over priced, it was just red velvet cake (which is anyhow just sponge with red coloring), with a layer of cream in between and some white chocolate shavings on top. The cream also tends to get sour much before the "consume before" date on the jar. So be aware. Also, the jars were very exciting for me, because of my obsessive collecting of glass jars, but the vaccum seals on these weren't very good quality, so while the jars are re-usable, if you need them to be air tight, you may have to replace the rubber seals.

Yes, Country of Origin is quite expensive, but most of their desserts are worth the occasional splurge, you just need to pick and choose wisely.

Also, I hope they soon introduce a microwave on premises, so that we - who cannot wait, can indulge ourselves on location.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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