Friday, May 13, 2016

Nagoya, London

110 George Street
London W1U 8NX
020 7486 4811

I was in the area for a seminar that finished late and I was searching for a takeaway place around 10pm. The only places that seemed to be open were pubs and I did not want to walk too far.

I saw Nagoya open, yelp rating 3 and I decided to take a chance. They had only one couple who were finishing up when I went in.

It's a small space (they may have more seating in the basement) around 5 tables with a sushi bar. Decor is very reminiscent of small Chinese style restaurants.

The lady at the counter was very sweet and gave me some recommendations when I asked her.

It took some time for me to get home (partly because a certain bus driver refused to stop & I had to wait 20mins for the next one), but the fried chicken karaage (4.80) had gone a bit soggy. The taste was very good and the chicken beautifully marinated and super tender and juicy. Family and cat loved the prawn tempura (13.00) which came with a dipping sauce.

The chicken Gyoza (5.50) was densely filled (personally I prefer a bit more give in my fillings) and tasty. Loved the mini 3ml bottle of sauce that came with it.

The pork tonkotsu ramen (10.80) was packed with the soup separately. Just 2 thin slices of pork and half a boiled egg (so not too much protein in the dish - more noodles to fill you up though) with sliced mushrooms & sprouts. The soup was a mild broth flavoured with miso. I enjoyed the clean flavours, but brother decided to spice it up. A nice complete meal in itself, if you aren't a protein addict like me.

The restaurant sells some Japanese ingredients for cooking at home like kewpie mayonnaise, Kikomans Soya sauce, seaweed wrap and pickled ginger.

The lady very sweetly offered me complimentary green tea while waiting for my order and I loved the fact that they lined the base of the bag with a piece of cardboard cut in the right size to keep everything steady.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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