Thursday, May 05, 2016

Yelp’s May New Elite Night at Bubbleology

45 Pembridge Road
Notting Hill
London W11 3HG

This was a lovely intimate event with about 12 of us. Bubbleology opened up the patio in the basement backyard which allowed us to enjoy the glorious weather today.

Managed to chat with almost everyone who attended. Bonus was meeting Alex's mum who is even cooler than him! (If you can believe it) She's Gold Elite herself!

Bubbleology served us a variety of flavours in tiny tasting glasses - which is a great format to try more variety. They brought in 2 large coolers of alcoholic teas that were an interesting innovation/progression.

Popping boba are my favourite, but the rose milk with rose jelly was surprisingly a close contender. Other favourites were the coffee with tapioca (coffee flavoured milk bubble tea anyone?) and the taro nut (taro flavour with coconut milk) which wasn't very sweet and let the flavour of the coconut milk stand out for itself.

They offered chocolate wafer straws too, but I didn't feel that it paired well with fruity teas. Maybe if I had waited until the coffee flavoured one, those tastes would have matched.

Only downside was that there was no loo onsite, after drinking at least a litre or two of bubble teas

Now that we can finally see the sun again, I think it's a great place to catch a cool drink on a hot afternoon while shopping in the area.

Rating : 4 / 5

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