Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aromas, Kanpur

7/135 Swarup Nagar
253 5190

Tuesday Holiday

Aromas is the most famous burger joint in Kanpur. Unfortunately this isn't saying much! If a burger joint sells Bhel Puri, Chinese soups, Pizza and Pav Bhaji too, that's an indication of things to come. The place has nostalgia value for the older residents and older alumni of the IIT in the city, as it was the only place to get "Western Fast Food" in those days.

Tried their chicken burger for 45/- Nowhere near, even the generic chain burgers. Stand alone burger joints have the potential to be really good as they can tweak the recipes to suit local tastes. My chicken burger had more potatoes and flour than chicken in the patty.

Not a place, I would recommend to anyone. Not for the non-vegetarian burgers at least. Heard a vegetarian mention that their mushroom burger (45) was awesome. I don't think I will venture here another time. But feel free to add comments about own experience here.


Nano Bajaj & Taruna said...

Aroma's is the oldest fast food joint in the city of Kanpur. It's got the best stuff and if one does not like it then its time to get the taste buds tested.

Kim said...


Its a form of Nostalgia.

Sometimes a taste we grow up with is a taste that we crave and enjoy. But someone with independently developed tastebuds may not find the same dish as exciting.

My husband quite enjoys the burgers at Aromas. I don't.


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