Monday, January 19, 2009

Madhuvan's Village - Mangalore

Madhuvan's Village
221 4158

Currently this is the most famous restaurant in Mangalore for quality seafood. They have been rapidly expanding and each time I visit, I see that they have opened a new seating section. The ambiance in the evenings is wonderful and relaxing as it has a semi open air feel.

The rates of seafood are seasonal. But the rates mentioned here will give you an indication.

The food was all excellent and I have yet to find a dish that I do not like at this place.

For starters we had Chicken 65(85rs), chicken tawa fry (13ors) - highly recommended, squid/baandaas butter garlic (80rs), mussels/pacchile masala fry (70rs), fish tawa fry (1 large slice of surmai/king fish - 130rs)

This all went excellently with our drinks.
60ml bacardi 85rs. Signature Whisky 60ml - 80rs, 30ml-45rs. Smirnoff 30ml - 45rs. Fosters pint 55rs.

Mineral water is 25rs. Soft drinks are 20rs a bottle.

The spicy starters go really well with the drinks, exactly the way most South Indians like it :)

For the main course we ordered an assortment of neer dosas, sannas and appams at 3rs each. As accompaniments we ordered matka fish (130rs) which is boneless fish cooked in old style mud pots. Believe me this adds layers of flavor to the dish and its a complete "naani ki khaane ki yaad aagayi" phenomenon in food.

The traditional Manglorean favorite kori rotti (90rs) includes the rotti as well as a pot of chicken curry. Real value for money if that is what you are looking for.

The kundapuri chicken(90rs) was a spicy semi gravy dish that goes very well with dosas.

Quick tip for Manglorean food. Sannas and shevios taste best with gravies/curries. Dosas and appams go well with both gravies and semi gravy items. There is a more complex algorithm for pairing these rice based dishes with accompaniments that I may go into at a later date.

To soothe our taste buds after the fiery onslaught, we ended with some ice cream(40rs) and caramel custard(40rs).

While the dishes mentioned here may all seem very spicy, it is because we consciously choose the spiciest items on the menu, they have other options too which arent as spicy.

The prices for alcohol include tax, the prices for food and soft drinks have a sales tax that is later added on.


Anonymous said...

thankx dude... i owe you one..

Kim said...

U r welcome, but you are?

Anonymous said...

You didnt order 2 of thier best dishes:Pork roast and Chicken Lasuni Tikka.


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