Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trishna, Andheri, Mumbai

3 A Crystal Plaza
Opp Infiniti Mall
New Link Road
Andheri (W)
3243 1145 / 3243 3631

I had eaten the signature Butter Pepper Garlic Crab at Trishna in Fort a couple of years ago and still remember fondly, the perfect balance of sweet crab flesh mingled with the saltiness of Amul Butter and the bite of freshly crushed peppercorns. But I much preferred the overall taste of food at Gajalee not to mention the proximity.

On my most recent trip to Bombay I saw that Trishna had opened a branch in Andheri too. We were tired and exhausted from our traveling, but decided to stop in here and savour the food.

The solkadi (40rs) was an apt start to the meal, nicely balanced.

The Manglorean King fish curry (200rs) with 2 large slices of fish, was tart & spicy and went very well with the neerdosa (35rs for 2), appams (35 per piece) and steamed rice (80rs). As we were too tired to clean crabs and eat them, we ordered the squid butter pepper garlic (250rs) which was tasty and served in large quantities.

The vegetarians with us tried the North Indian style food. The alu gobhi (170rs) was spicy and cooked to the right tenderness without being over mushy. This went well with the Tandoori Roti (15) and parathas/kulchas (20rs).

Pineapple Raita was 70rs and the Egg Corn Soup was 50rs.

Add to this a VAT of 12.5%. Its not a very reasonable restaurant, but its worth the price. The food is of very good quality and they get the flavors just right.

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